Comfortable Summer Slippers

When you see a nice pair of comfortable, cozy slippers, your mind probably shoots straight to winter, picturing the cold weather and needing some type of footwear to keep your feet warm. However, a great pair of slippers doesn’t have any sort of season per se. It’s all about keeping your feet nice and comfortable, and slipping on something that can be worn inside or out. This is why the summer is also a great time to pick up those slippers. When you’re lounging around the house, need to set out the trash, etc, having slippers can really be a lot more convenient than getting those shoes on. If it’s slippers you need, you might want to stop by at Shopping Blitz.

The North Face has created a great all-season slipper with their Thermoball Traction Mules IV, a warm, comfortable, plush pair of slippers for women that provide a durable rubber outsole and a lot of padding inside to keep your feet comfortable. The uppers are made out of recycled PET, which is waterproof and warm. The insulation is PrimaLoft synthetic. These are slippers that will keep your feet very warm in the winter, though will also allow your feet to breathe when wearing them in the summer.

The slippers feature a pretty big outsole and an attractive pattern on the uppers, so they’re very appealing slippers. Plus you can get them in different colors to suit your tastes. When it comes to sizing options, you can pick them up in sizes from 5 through 11, and maybe smaller or larger, depending on what’s in stock on the site.

These slippers are everything a woman needs to stay comfortable and cozy and in style, and they only cost $32.95. This is the Shopping Blitz difference. You won’t have to pay a lot to get a lot. As an added bonus, this item will also ship out to you for free.

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