Comfy PJs for Men

The holiday season in the west is also the cold-weather season, where you’re going to see a lot of adverts for long-sleeve clothing and big jackets and boots and other items to keep you warm. For women, it’s also the season where you’re going to see a ton of commercials and ads about pajamas. Thick yet comfortable, warm, cozy PJs are all the rage this time of year, and advertisers love throwing them in your men’s faces so that they buy them for you. But what about PJs for men? This is where Shopping Blitz can really help out, by showing you a lot of comfortable, warm cozy items that are just for him.

Life is Good is a brand that definitely delivers on the cozy, and their Peace Love Happiness Toss Classic Sleep Pants for men really hit the mark in terms of warmth and comfort. Made from a 100% cotton twill that’s thick and illustrious and warm, these pants are ideal to sleep in. When that winter chill is in the air and you want to stay a little cozier during the chilliest hours, these pants do the trick in spades. They feature an elastic waistband with a draw cord and pockets, so you can wear them around the home, not only for sleep.

These PJ sleep pants are available in an American red color, with cool graphics and the Life is Good logo all over them. And in sizes ranging from small up through 2XL, men of almost any size are going to be able to fit into these pants. Remember that they’re elastic and adjustable, so even if you’re larger, the pants stretch.

Like a lot of items from Shopping Blitz, you get to save a lot of money here via this item’s free shipping feature. The pants themselves are only $37.95, which is a great price for such a pair of PJ pants.

Brian Hendrix

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