A Different Kind of Sweater For The Season

Most of us out there have a pretty good idea on how to handle these months ahead. They’re going to be cold and often wet and thus we need to bundle up. We have coats and sweaters and sweatshirts and thermal pants and everything we need to make it through these months comfortably. Don’t we? Well, for most of us, we have those old pull-over sweatshirts that end up shrinking in the wash, aren’t that comfortable to wear, and don’t really keep us that warm. This is why, this year, many men out there are visiting a site like Shopping Blitz in order to find new and better clothing for the season, clothing that will actually keep them warm, and even looking stylish, without having to break the bank.

Right now at Shopping Blitz, there’s a great deal on the Full Zip, Berber-Lined sweatshirt by Caterpillar. For those of you unaware, this is actually a brand of tough-as-nails heavy-duty equipment. The Caterpillar brand, or “Cat” as most of you have seen, makes back-hoes, bulldozers, and other rugged, durable work equipment. But that brand also extends to clothing; and while it might sound a bit fantastical to put in these terms, they really do show that same sort of heavy-duty quality in the clothing. And it really all starts with their choice of materials.

Take this full-zip sweatshirt as a perfect example. The outside is an incredibly rugged cotton-poly blend, which is warm and tough enough by itself; but then you get to the extremely comfortable inside, where the lining is 100% Berber and so incredibly soft that you’ll never want to take this sweatshirt off. With it’s full-zip construction, and heavy material, this isn’t a springtime or early fall sweatshirt. This bad boy is able to keep you warm on those coldest days, and Cat actually creates items like these with their workers in mind. The men and women who are out in the elements operating the heavy machinery need clothing that will hold up.  Cat just added the extra stylish appeal so that it covers a much wider base.

The best news here is that you won’t have to pay anywhere near the price of a piece of Cat machinery for a quality sweatshirt. If you stop by Shopping Blitz right now, you can get this quality piece for only $79.95, which is quite the mark down compared to other stores charging upwards of $100 or more for it.

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