Dakine: Dressing for Early Spring

As the majority of people in America know, outside of the coastal south, just because we run up into the month of April in no way means that it’s warm enough for shorts and t-shirts yet. For most of the nation, it can still be pretty chilly, and so going out to get yourself an item like a long-sleeve t-shirt may just be a great purchase. At a site like Shopping Blitz, you can find a very broad range of different items that are perfect for this time of year, and they’re all available from some of the best brands in the business, and for prices that you can afford on any budget.

One of these great Shopping Blitz items for this time of the season is the Aesmo Long Sleeve T-Shirt by DaKine. While not up there with a lot of the top-shelf brands on the market in terms of name recognition, DaKine is actually second to none when it comes to high-quality materials, attention to detail, and overall quality clothing. This all cotton shirt in particular, the Aesmo, is a Wolle Nyvelt collaboration for the Pow Surfer line, and thus it’s designed for men to wear at or around the beach. It’s a long-sleeve shirt that protects against the chill, but it’s so light, airy and comfortable that you can wear it even in the summer.

In terms of benefits, this shirt actually packs a lot into a small, lightweight package. For instance, you get a double-needle sleeve with the Aesmo, along with a ring-spun jersey knit that provides a ton of strength without adding a lot of weight. You basically get a shirt that’s feather light yet protects like something ten times as heavy. Men can pick this up in a gorgeous black and gray two-tone color and in sizes from small all the way through double extra-large.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of this shirt is actually its low price. Just keep in mind, however, that a low price on this shirt isn’t available at just any online retailer. With a lot of the other guys, you could end up easily paying $50 or more for this shirt. Though when you grab it at Shopping Blitz, you’re only going to have to pay $37.95, and as an added bonus this product will ship for 100% to all lower 48 states.

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