Durable, Comfortable Kids Sneakers

Little boys play rough, by and large. That’s just something parents of small boys have to deal with. Dirty clothes, torn jeans, and shoes that seem to fall apart well in advance of their feet growing. This is why parents are always looking for tougher, more durable shoes for their sons. And this is also why a lot more parents are stopping by Shopping Blitz in order to find these great shoes for affordable prices around the calendar year.

The Pure HT EV High Top Sneakers for boys by DC are some of the toughest shoes out there for younger boys. They have that classic high-top construction, which makes them a lot safer by protecting the ankle. They feature an easy lace system, and also a hook-and-look Velcro fastener at the top of the shoe. They give you a foam padded tongue, padded insoles for cushioning and shock absorption, and a tough outsole that can certainly hold up to the wear and tear of your child playing.

The outsoles are actually sticky and are meant to grip well to any sort of surface, without being so sticky that they attract dirt and grime. It’s a specialized type of rubber that works very well for such a shoe. Plus the shoes offer a lot of ventilation, so they’re ideal for this time of year, when it’s hot outside and his feet can easily start sweating. This makes the shoes more than comfortable enough for all-day wear. They’re available in sizes from 1 to 11 in little boys sizes.

These shoes are from DC, which is a high-end brand that really produces high-quality products. So you might find these shoes for around $70 or even $80 at a lot of places. Yes, that’s a lot to pay, but you’re getting a lot with this shoe. Though Shopping Blitz offers a much better rate, giving you these boys sneakers for only $59.95 and also including free shipping in the deal.

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