Fashionable and Functional Women’s Boots

Any woman out there who’s ever shopped online knows that this particular world gives you a whole lot more from which to choose than conventional methods. No matter what your size or your style, you can find something that matches your personal tastes. Of course, the biggest issue here is knowing whether the product(s) you’re purchasing are quality or not. For instance, a pair of winter boots might look great, but they also might not block out the cold or water, and you end up having a gorgeous pair of outdoor boots that you can only wear indoors. Shopping Blitz solves these problems by offering you the best in quality fashions.

A prime example of this would be the Thermoball Microbaffle II Boots by The North Face. Built with water-resistant PET ripstop material that keeps your feet dry, and a mudguard to ensure you can slosh around in whatever elements you wish, these boots are truly about protecting the feet. Though they also didn’t sacrifice style to do it. The faux fur collar is very gorgeous, so not only do you have boots that can shred through those winter elements, but you’ll be looking great while you do it. Along with IcePick soles, EVA midsoles and Primaloft Thermoball insulation to keep you warm, these are some heavy-duty winter booties.

The two color combos in which these boots are available might look similar, but they’re really worlds apart in terms of the style of the fur. First you have a shiny frost gray with evening sand pink, and the other option is a shiny TNF black with smoked pearl gray. In sizes from 5 through 11, these boots also fit a wide variety of women.

For boots like these, you might be thinking over $100. Outside of Shopping Blitz, this might be a reality. And normally they’re $89.95. But for a limited time, you can save over 30% and get these boots for only $58.95, and this also includes free shipping.

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