Getting Comfortable in the Climate

There’s something to be said for people who live in the desert and wear long-sleeve clothing. They have figured out that when your body heat is lower than the outside heat, wearing more clothing is actually what keeps you cooler. Most Americans aren’t convinced of this and still wear tanks and shorts when it’s really hot, but perhaps some of you would like to consider shopping in the long-sleeve department for summer. If you want to find light, breezy, comfortable long-sleeve t-shirts that you might love for the spring and summer, Shopping Blitz definitely has a few items you might want to check out.

The Mow Town Long Sleeve Crusher Tee for men by Life is Good is actually the ideal shit to wear in the spring and summer months. It even has a cute graphic on the front of a guy on his riding mower, which is one of the many ways you can enjoy this shirt and actually stay cooler when it’s hot out. This shirt is a great blend of 70% cotton and 30% poly, so it’s light and comfortable while also being very breathable and strong.

The classic fit of a Life is Good tee just skims across the body for a loose, comfortable fit. The overall shirt is very light and airy. It has a large crew neck that swoops down and doesn’t constrict the neck at all. Overall, this is a shit that was made with your comfort in mind. You can grab this great long-sleeve tee in sizes ranging from small all the way up to 3 XL.

Keeping with the Shopping Blitz theme of picking up great clothing for a low price, you’re only going to be paying $29.95 for this shirt. This works out to a great deal. A long-sleeve shirt can be worn comfortably during all four seasons, so it’s an item you’ll get a lot of mileage from. It also ships for free, saving you even more.

Brian Hendrix

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