Gifts for Dog Lovers and Their Furry Friends

Dogs tend to spend half their day snoozing and another 30 percent of their time taking it easy, according to the American Kennel Club. But, in the 20 percent of the time they are awake and active, most dogs enjoy eating, exercise, and even a little mental stimulation. Here are some items for your wish list that will help you relax at home with your canine companion or hit the sidewalks, trails, and dog parks when your pup wants some play time.


For active animals


Do you have a terrier who never tires or an English spaniel with energy to spare? Such active animals might bring on a case of fetch-induced tennis elbow — no racket required. If your furry friend can chase a ball for hours on end, the BazooK-9 tennis ball launcher could be just what the doctor ordered to relieve your Rover-related repetitive stress injury.


Or if your canine can’t contain himself when he sees a squirrel, rabbit, or friendly furry neighbor, you might want to add the Tuff Mutt hands-free bungee leash to your wish list. The built-in bungee absorbs some of the shocks of your exercise partner’s sudden stops, starts, and directional detours. It also secures around your waist, making it ideal for running, hiking, or everyday walks when you might need a free hand to tote extra treats.


If you aren’t always around when your furry friend needs to stretch his legs or practice fielding a flying tennis ball, you can ask for gift cards for dog-walking or pet-sitting services.  Reputable services screen trusted animal lovers in your area who can drop in to play with your pet, serve up some snuggles, or take him on a jaunt around the neighborhood.


For homebody hounds

If your dog needs a little intellectual stimulation — or could stand to lose a few pounds — consider adding a few puzzle toys to your wish list. These toys require pups to put in a little time and effort to extract the kibble or treats inside. If your dog is accustomed to having his food served up in an easily-accessible bowl, Dogster suggests starting by offering him a simple puzzle to begin with. Once he’s successfully served himself, you can gradually increase the difficulty of the puzzles. Before long, your dog should start looking forward to mealtime as premium playtime since he’s getting both food and attention.

To give your furry friend a little beauty boost, consider adding a dog brush to your wish list. The reality is that brushing a dog is a lot more than just canine cosmetology. Regular brushing not only helps distribute your dog’s natural oils to her skin and coat, it’s an excellent way to keep an eye on her health. A brushing session is a great time to look for pests, lumps, cuts, or anything out of the ordinary. Brushing also removes excess fur from your dog’s coat, meaning she’ll leave less behind on your car seats, couches, and comforters.

Your dog’s favorite sleeping spot might be on your pillow, but if you want to reclaim your territory, consider adding a luxe dog bed to your wish list. Here are 25 highly-rated beds for dogs of all sizes. There are beds available in a wide variety of patterns, materials, and sizes, so the options can be overwhelming. The Canine Journal recommends considering factors including your dog’s size, coat length, personality, and special needs when selecting a bed for your buddy. For instance, older dogs or any faithful friends who have arthritis or other joint issues need a supportive spot to sleep. For those dogs, an orthopedic memory foam bed might be the best choice. And providing your pup with his own mattress will likely lead to a better night’s sleep for you both.

So, whether your dog is working on his 12 hours of snooze time or enjoying an exercise session between meals and salon sessions, adding a few of these items to your wish list will have his needs covered 24/7.

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