Gloves For Your Coldest Days

For everyone who has ever worn a pair of gloves in their life, especially as a kid, you know all too well that not all pairs of gloves are created the same. For instance, you may remember being a kid and having those fat finger gloves that would not allow you to do anything. Sure, you could dig your hands down in the snow and pack a snowball, but when it came to opening a can of soda, eating a piece of candy, or anything else that required the functionality of your fingers, there was pretty much no way by which you could function with those gloves on. And it’s not as if you could just take them off, right? Well, for adults today, there are online retailers like Shopping Blitz where you can find gloves that will keep you warm while still allowing you all the functionality you need to perform.


Take, for instance, the Nova gloves by DaKine. As a cold-weather winter wear brand, DaKine is right up there around the highest-ranked companies in the industry today. The Nova glove is a classic style of glove that has a very durable water resistant leather palm feature that is great for wearing out in the elements. What these gloves are, precisely, are gloves for skiing and other winter activities. These aren’t gloves that offer you the full range of function to where you can be out in the cold texting on your smartphone, of course, but they do allow you the mobility to grab your keys, grab your ski poles, and to perform other basic functions, all while keeping your hands warm and protected against the elements.

These gloves come in a very attractive black color and were designed to really hold up against the elements. The outer of these gloves is made out of a weatherproof polyester blend that will really stand up to the elements, no matter what you manage to put these gloves through. The gloves are available in sizes from small through large, so they’re going to fit a man’s hands of practically any size, and the faux fur lining keeps your hands not only incredibly comfortable but also warm and dry.

One thing you might learn while shopping around at various online retailers is that gloves can be incredibly expensive. You might not think so, but gloves can run 50, 60, or even around $80 for a good pair of gloves. Around $50 is what you would pay for these gloves at most online retailers, but if you stop in at Shopping Blitz right now to pick them up, you will only have to pay $35.95 for a fantastic pair of gloves.

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