Hybrid Pants for Women

When it comes to styles of pants from which women can choose, we could fill up an entire blog post just naming the names of styles. Suffice to say that there are no shortages of pants styles out there for ladies. And if you’re a woman shopping for pants online, you know already that you’re typically inundated with a wide variety of options. A site like Shopping Blitz can help you narrow your choices down by offering you only the best in quality pants. Perhaps some stylish hybrid pants might be exactly what you need, especially considering it’s the cold-weather season currently.

For instance, the Itzel Capri Pants by prAna blend a variety of styles that women love. They’re like leggings meet jogging pants, meet sweatpants, meet capris. They’re basically a thicker yoga pant in a capri style that are great for jogging, hiking, running, lounging around or just going out. They’re made with a Chakara stretch jersey fabric that’s durable and incredibly comfortable. This is a blend of supplex nylon, lycra elastane, poly, and other fabrics, to give you the end result of pants that flex, cling to the form, provide comfort, and hold up well to anything. They feature a hidden key pocket, a peek-a-boo side leg detail, and much more. Overall, these are some supremely comfortable, attractive, stylish pants.

Not only did prAna use a variety of styles, but you can get them in a variety of colors, including black cherry, highland green, and solid black. Just act quickly or else the color you want may be out of stock. In sizes from extra small through extra large, they’re bound to fit most any woman’s shape too.

The price for these hybrid pants are $78.95. Keep in mind that Shopping Blitz is offering these pants for a lot less than you’ll find elsewhere. Though to ensure you never have to spend more money than you need, these pants also ship out to you for free.

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