Hybrid Shorts for Working Out or Going Out

Many men have just as much trouble picking their clothing out as women due to the many options. It’s not every type of item for men that comes in such a wide variety, but something like shorts just have so many options that it can get quite confusing and men aren’t quite sure on what to spend their money. So if you want a great pair of shorts that you can use for working out or just going out or lounging around, Shopping Blitz is a location that offers you these great shorts for a price that anyone can afford. So if you want a great pair of shorts, you know exactly where to go.

Salomon has been in business for over 70 years, turning out some of the highest quality clothing on the market, especially in the workout/exercise genre. The Agile 5” Shorts are a perfect example of this. Durable, flexible, moisture-wicking shorts that are perfect for the gym but actually designed to look just like regular shorts, it’s definitely hard to beat this pair. These shorts have a 5” inseam, so that means they’ll hang right around the knees on most men. Unless you’re tall as a basketball center, these shorts are going to fit and hang comfortably at the knee. They feature pockets and even a zipped pocket to protect your items, and are available in sizes from extra small to 2 XL, so they’ll fit practically anyone.

The material here is definitely great for men. With a polyester blend that’s been treated to reduce odor and wick moisture away, they’re shorts that can go straight from the gym to the boardwalk. You can wear these while out hiking, or just out walking around and hanging out. In an urban chic color scheme, they’re also very attractive to look at. This is a pair of shorts that you can wear anywhere for any sort of activity and remain comfortable.

For a pair of shorts like these, you might expect to have to pay $60 or more for them. And on most online retailers, you’ll have to. However, on Shopping Blitz, these shorts are only going to cost you $44.95, and this even includes free shipping. So instead of having extra fees and charges tacked on, Shopping Blitz works hard to remove more and more for you.

Brian Hendrix

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