Keeping Her Warm This Winter

The holiday season might now be officially over, but there are still around three months of winter with which most people must contend throughout the nation. The majority of the country has to deal with snow and freezing temperatures until around the middle of March, and so your wardrobe is likely going to have to reflect the season around you. This is actually pretty good news, at least if you’re a woman who loves picking up the latest in cozy fashions for the season. Shopping Blitz can help you find the garments that are ideal for this sort of weather, and all for prices you can afford to pay.

The Sleepy Hoodie Cozy Open Sleep Hoodie from Life is Good might have a weird, semi-redundant name, but it is truly the ultimate in cozy winter wear for women who love to lounge around the house in comfort. While this item can hold up well outdoors, it’s created to be much more like a wearable cozy blanket that you use indoors. It’s made out of a soft, warm polyester material and is in the style of a cardigan. It drapes over the body, with a large open front, like a throw that has sleeves and a hood. It’s pretty thick yet incredibly lightweight, and has pockets for your convenience.

Like we stated, this open-front cardigan hoodie can be worn outside, though it was made specifically as an indoor sort of lounge-wear piece. It’s available in a deep, rich night black color. Because it’s from the Life is Good brand, you won’t have to worry about sizing options. You can grab this in sizes from extra small all the way up through 2XL, so it’s going to fit basically everyone.

One of the best selling points of this item is its price. Available for only $57.95, you’ll get it at Shopping Blitz for a lot cheaper than elsewhere. Adding even more to the deal is the fact that this item also ships out for free, so that’s one less charge you have to deal with.

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