Labor Day Sale: Nomad Canvas Pants by Woolrich

For many men, Labor Day weekend is about eating great food, drinking cold beer, and being one Sunday closer to NFL kickoff. However, that does not mean you can’t show up to your Labor Day get-together looking great in a pair of canvas pants by Woolrich. For anyone familiar with the brand, Woolrich is a top-shelf clothing brand that goes a little off the cuff, no pun intended, with its design and fabric choices. These canvas pants are a great example. Although they look sort of like your basic pair of khakis, they’re actually created from a canvas and spandex blend that flexes and contorts to your shape and movement while still hanging loose and comfortable.


Molded seams, a tapered leg fit, and a cuff that will go over any type of footwear are just a few of the great features these pants boast. While only available in a khaki color, these pants will fit a man of any size. From 30 to the 40s, unless you’re too big to move around anyway, these will fit like a glove and make a great addition to the wardrobe.

These canvas blended pants are currently on sale at Shopping Blitz and would make a great item to wear to any sort of cookout or party, but they’re also good for practically any occasion. Parties, dates, dinner, out with the friends, school, or anything you could think of; these Woolrich pants are a great buy. Currently at Shopping Blitz you can grab them for $48.30, marked down from $69.00. Nowhere else on the web are you going to find such high-quality clothing at such discounted rates. There are plenty of items from which you can choose, not only these pants. But if you’re looking to make a statement with a pair of pants that will last and go with anything, these canvas pants are a great choice.

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