Men, Don’t Forget Your Boots

If there’s anything you wanted as a man but didn’t get over the holiday season, then join the club. Sure, it does feel better to give than to receive, but most men still do expect to get some presents from their loved ones! Many men out there were hoping to get some boots, but those hopes didn’t pan out. Therefore they still need boots for the winter. The good news here is that sites like Shopping Blitz don’t stop their great sales just because the holiday season is over with. If you’re a man in need of some awesome boots, then stop on by and check out a wide range of top-shelf footwear that you can afford.

The Chilkat Evo Waterproof Boots by The North Face are the epitome of style and function. The ideal winter boots from a company that has decades of experience under its belt delivering the best in cold-weather gear. These boots have a blended leather upper that’s actually entirely waterproof. So you get the toughness and look of leather with the protection of a synthetic material. The shaft of these boots is also tall and protective, and you have 200g of Heatseeker insulation to keep that cold weather out. The TNF Winter Grip rubber outsole is designed to give you sure footing on any wintry surface, so you can get around easy and comfortably in these boots.

There are two color combinations here with the Chilkat. The first is a black-on-black combo, using different shades of black to create a fierce-looking boot. The second is a split-rock and gingerbread brown, which looks very attractive with a variety of brown shades. The sizing options here run from around 7 through 14 in men’s, so you should be able to find the right size for you.

The original Shopping Blitz price for these shoes was $135.95, which is still cheaper than you can find them elsewhere. However, the site is still offering its holiday special on this item, so you can grab these boots for only $88.95, and that even includes free shipping.

Brian Hendrix

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