Men’s Jeans For The Spring

For the majority of men out there shopping today, there’s nothing that they shop for quite more than a classic-style pair of blue jeans. This obviously isn’t every man; but when you break down what men buy by the numbers, the majority of them love a great pair of blue jeans. Around this time of year, if you’re looking to get rid of those thicker pants and go for those lightweight classic jeans, Shopping Blitz has a wide selection that you may love. The only thing better than the classic jeans is getting them for a great price.

For instance, the Worker Indigo Rinse Relaxed Fit Jeans from DC are definitely a favorite among men. First and foremost, they’re not those thick, bulky denim jeans from a century ago. These jeans are made with cotton and elastane, so they’re lighter, more flexible, fit better, and feel much better to wear. These jeans have an indigo rinse color, so you get that classic look of dark denim without the potential chafing and heavy fabric. Other than that, you get the typical five-pocket jean style, button front, zip fly, metal-rivet-stud jeans that you love.

With these jeans, you only get the one color and style. As it says in the name, these are indigo rinse jeans, which is the color. It’s a very dark blue color that goes with anything. The jeans themselves are available in sizes from 28 up through 38, so unless you’re in the big and tall category, they’re going to fit you just fine. And if you are in that category, Shopping Blitz definitely still carries jeans for you.

For a pair of high-quality jeans that were made to take a beating while still being light, comfortable and flexible, you might expect to pay a lot of money. Some brands and some sites wouldn’t sell you a pair of jeans for under $70. For these jeans, you will only be paying $27.50. Even sweeter, there’s no further shipping charge for this item. It will be delivered for free.

Brian Hendrix

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