Multi-Purpose Sneakers for Fall

There’s a difference between the way men and women shop for shoes, especially around this time of year. When women are shopping for shoes, most data show that they’re looking for shoes that are stylish and aesthetically pleasing, whereas data show that most men look for function over style. That’s not to say that men are buying any ugly pair of shoes that hold up well; just that they focus more on the quality of the craftsmanship. Well, with a site like Shopping Blitz, men can find the best of both worlds: Shoes that are definitely built to last, but also shoes that look great and are stylish.

Helly Hansen’s Ahiga V3 Hydropower Sneakers might be a long and complicated name, but the shoe itself is pretty simple to understand. These are lightweight sneakers whose uppers are made out of a high-grade mesh that’s very protective and strong, while also being cool and light. While they’re characterized as deck shoes, they also qualify as walking and hiking shoes, thanks to the Helly Grip signature outsoles that hold great traction. These are breathable shoes with a soft, cushioned inside; the type of shoes men want if they’re active.

Mid Grey and Ebony, and Navy, flag red and off-white are the two color schemes you can choose. Just remember that these are popular shoes and Shopping Blitz does a lot of business, so the color you want might not be here too long. 7 through 11-wide are the sizes currently in stock, so they’ll fit a wide range of feet.

Helly Hansen makes some really tough outdoor gear, and these shoes are the epitome of that. They’ll run you $94.95, which is a far sight cheaper than most retailers. Though to make sure you get to save as much as possible, Shopping Blitz offers you free shipping on these shoes.

Brian Hendrix

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