New Take on a Women’s Classic

There’s something about a classic t-shirt that’s just great in the way it fits and feels, especially during the summer. This is true for everyone, men, women and children. The right t-shirt looks great, goes with anything, and can definitely hold up to a lot of wear and tear. Though understand that a t-shirt is much more of a style than anything else. It’s that lightweight fabric in the classic t-shaped style, and not just that plain white tee that you may be picturing. This means that you can easily find t-shirts that are very stylish and that really stand out and pop. So when you’re on Shopping Blitz looking for the right shirt for you, remember that there are all sorts of different tees available.

The Xena Short Sleelve Bike Jersey Shirt by Dakine is a t-shirt style top for women that does so much more than your average tee. For starters, this jersey style shirt is made out of a very sophisticated type of polyester that wicks away moisture from the body and dries very quickly. This means that you can wear this shirt for practically anything and won’t have to worry about it. No matter the conditions, it will keep you cool and dry. The fabric also has a Polygiene benefit that actually controls odor by killing bacteria and other microbes that can lead to a stench.

This is a very attractive tee, with a lot of Hawaiian flare to it, and is currently available in multiple color combinations on Shopping Blitz. It’s also available in multiple sizes, so women from size extra small up through extra large can enjoy wearing this shirt.

With Shopping Blitz, the great news is that you will only have to pay $44.95 for this shirt, which is a pretty big discount considering how much this Dakine piece may cost you elsewhere. To make the deal even sweeter, you also get this item shipped to you for free.

Brian Hendrix

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