Not Your Everyday Winter Shirt

If you are a man shopping online for winter clothing, the most common item you’re going to find is a shirt. Let’s face facts here, even though it’s incredibly cold outside during these winter months, t-shirts are still pretty big sellers because they can be worn as undershirts and over top of thermal long sleeve shirts. Big sweaters are also very popular, because they offer a lot of warmth. However, many men are still active during these months and want a shirt that’s good for working out, hiking, and staying active in general. This is when you want to stop by Shopping Blitz so that you can find the right shirt to match your needs as a active man.


The Leggera long sleeve training shirt buy Diadora is one of the best shirts on the market today in terms of helping you stay warm while also staying active. Although it’s not a tight shirt, it still is very form-fitting in that it clings to a man’s body shape, and thus is perfect to wear underneath of warmer clothing if you need to. Or if you need to wear this as a standalone item, the navy blue color of this shirt, with its heat-sealed logo across the chest, is very attractive and you will not be disappointed at how it makes you look. The most important thing about this shirt, however, is that it was built for active men who refuse to sit still. This means you can take this shirt hiking, biking, weightlifting, playing around in the gym, and much much more.

Diadora has created a proprietary polyester blended fabric called DiaDry. This is a lightweight fabric that is still incredibly durable and can hold up to everyday wear and tear and the rigors of an active man’s lifestyle, while also wicking away sweat and other moisture from a man’s body. The added bonus here is that it also helps to block out the winter chill. So, basically, this is a shirt that keeps your body heat regulated, so that you won’t get too hot and certainly so that you will not get cold. You can pick this up and typical sizes from small to extra large, so it’s a shirt that practically any man can wear.

Diadora is a pretty good brand on the market today, so you can expect to pay a decent price for a shirt like this. Most online retailers are going to charge you around $40 for this shirt, and even on Shopping Blitz when it’s not on sale, you will be paying $34.95. This is a pretty good price, considering the quality of the shirt, but it’s actually on sale at Shopping Blitz right now, and you can pick it up for only $24.95. A deal like this on a shirt of this quality, you can be sure that supplies will not last.

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