One of a Kind Winter Style

Today’s woman is a much more discerning shopper than years past, and that’s partly because there are just so many options available for her online these days. You can go to a big retailer site and find everything you were looking for, plus a ton of other items you never knew existed. This is often the case when people stop by Shopping Blitz. They can easily find what they want, along with a lot of great items that they never even knew they wanted. This is great in the winter, when you want to find something warm but end up finding something truly unique and stylish.

The Patchwork Sweater from prAna is one of those great finds. This is a lightweight, warm, open-knit sweater that was constructed from an organic cotton blend. Just looking at this sweater aesthetically, it’s incredibly attractive. It has a cable knit detail on the front, with a back bodice, pointelle, and shell knit stitches on the sleeves and side seams. It’s great to look at, but also very functional and warm. The big, swooping neck and the short, wide arms mean that this sweater drapes over the body like a poncho and is ideal to wear over-top of something else. It’s a sweater that has a lot going for it.

There are three colors from which you can choose with this sweater. You have khaki rose, gravel, and an off-white bone color. Just remember that if you want your preferred color, you’re going to have to act quickly and get in while supplies last. The sizing options run from extra small up through extra large, and the fit of the sweater is naturally baggier.

This is a unique sweater that’s legitimately about high-fashion, so the price could run you well over $100 or more on a lot of sites. On Shopping Blitz, however, it’s only going to run you $88.95, and this price even includes free shipping, so you won’t have to pay another charge.

Brian Hendrix

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