Men’s Leather Gloves for Any Occasion

Gloves are something you would typically associate with the winter, when it’s cold outside and your hands need protection from the elements. However, they’re also something that give your hands great protection if you’re working out in the elements, no matter the weather, and something many people wear when they’re on bikes or motorcycles. And for glove fans, you already know that there’s nothing quite like a pair of leather gloves. Well, if you want the best in leather gloves, make sure you check out what Shopping Blitz is offering.

The Leather Partial Back Gather Gloves from Isotoner are a steal on Shopping Blitz, giving you everything you want in a pair of real leather gloves. The exteriors of these gloves are full-grain leather, so they’re durable and comfortable and just look awesome. The inside is made out of a strong and comfortable polyester. The “partial back” name comes in via the style of these gloves, which have a partial crimp on the back for comfort around the wrist.

The brand Isotoner is the creme de la creme when it comes to gloves. Every brand out there copies their formula, but these are the originals. They’re men’s gloves that are available in sizes up to extra large, so they’re going to fit most men’s hands. They’re also all-weather gloves, so you can use them for riding in the summer or keeping warm in the winter.

These leather Isotoner gloves are going to cost you a pretty penny at most locations, if only because the brand is the most famous in the world when it comes to creating high-quality gloves. Though Shopping Blitz ensures that you’re always getting a good deal. You can grab these gloves for only $63.95, which saves you a lot, and on top of that, you can also get free shipping and won’t have to pay a penny more.

A Cool Tee For the Summer

One thing most parents know about young boys is that they put a whole lot of wear and tear on their clothing, especially when school’s out and it’s time to play around in the summer. This is why parents are always looking for clothing that’s not only comfortable and something their young boys will like, but also something that can hold up to the everyday wear and the playing young boys do in the summer. For tough pieces of great clothing, make sure you stop by Shopping Blitz to check out the wide selection.

One shirt available for boys right now that’s tough as nails would be the Death Crunch T-Shirt by DC. This brand is all about high-quality clothing that can really stand up to the rigors of everyday wear and play. This shirt has a classic, comfortable fit and is made out of 100% cotton, so it’s comfortable while also being very durable.

This boys shirt is available in sizes from 8 to 16, so it pretty much runs the gamut of boys who are around around school age. This means that it’s great to get them for the summer, when they’re going to be playing sports and goofing around outside with their friends. It has a whimsical, colorful skull logo on the front, and is a solid black color that they love because it looks cool, and you’ll love because it’s easier to keep looking clean.

One of the best aspects about shopping with Shopping Blitz is that you’re always going to be able to find great deals. This shirt, for instance, might run you $30 or more at most online retailers. DC, after all, is a pretty solid and popular brand. But on Shopping Blitz right now, this shirt is only going to run you $19.95, a bargain price for a great item.

Summer Shorts for the Active Man

Summer is that time of year where no matter where you go, you’re liable to see some men jogging on the road, playing ball in the park, etc. Perhaps you’re one of those guys who likes to stay very active and work up a sweat. If so, then you probably already know that you need the right gear for your workouts and sports. For instance, you’re not going to run around in denim shorts or jeans; it’s just too uncomfortable. This is why more and more men are visiting shopping websites like Shopping Blitz in order to meet all of their activewear needs.

Some of the best athletic shorts you’re going to find on the market today are the Core 7” Shorts by Fila. As most people already know, Fila has been in the game for a very long time, producing everything from high-quality shoes and jackets to sweaters and shorts like these. These particular shorts are lightweight and meant for training and athletics. The 7” inseams bring the shorts right around the knees, so they’re comfortable and loose.

These shorts are made out of a stretch woven fabric that can wick moisture away and give you a lot of durability in a lightweight package. They also have an elastic waist with a drawcord and two pockets so they’ll function just like any other pair of shorts out there when it comes to storing your items. In sizes from small to 2XL, they’re also going to fit most guys well.

One thing to remember about Fila is that they’re a world-famous, top-shelf brand, so these shorts selling for around $40 or so isn’t going to be a big surprise. However, this is not the case when you decide to get these shorts from Shopping Blitz. They’re only going to cost you $29.95, and you won’t have to pay an extra penny to have them shipped.

The Right Men’s Sneakers for Summer

There’s just something about the right pair of sneakers that men love. Comfortable, flexible, functional and durable are all adjectives used to describe a great pair of sneakers. Unfortunately, men end up paying a whole lot of money for good sneakers. This is why many more men today are shopping for their shoes on Shopping Blitz, where you can find the best in name-brand sneakers for far less than you’re going to pay elsewhere.

Take, for instance, the Court Graffik Sneakers by DC Shoes. DC has been in the game for decades, churning out high-quality gear. These shoes are certainly no exception. Made with full-grain leather uppers and hard rubber outsoles that keep traction, these shoes are built like mini tanks but are actually very lightweight and flexible. They’re cut low, so they’re very stylish, and they have a padded tongue and plenty of ventilation to help you feel comfortable wearing them.

You’re going to find a lot of great features with these athletic sneakers, including some mesh material that helps with airflow and circulation. You won’t have to worry about your feet getting too hot while wearing these shoes. You can also pick them up in a wide range of sizing options, starting at around 8 in men’s and going all the way up to 18, so men with almost any shoe size can comfortably wear these sneakers.

Since these shoes can be found on Shopping Blitz, the price tag is also a big benefit. Instead of paying $80 or more, as you would with most sites, these shoes are available for only $64.95. To sweeten the deal even more, you can have these shoes shipped to you for free.

Capri Pants for the Summer

When it comes to clothing options for the summer, women definitely have a wide variety available to them. Styles of pants are numerous and range from leggings and jogging pants to blue jeans, and even something loose and simplistic like a good capri. A good pair of capri pants are comfortable, just baggy enough, and definitely help to keep you cool while looking great. If you’re in the market for some capri pants, then it might do you well to stop in at Shopping Blitz to find out what sort of pants this outlet has in store for you.

The Lihue Capri Pants by White Sierra are made out of nylon in order to be tough enough to stand up to a lot of wear and tear while also comfortable enough to wear for practically any occasion. To be sure, White Sierra is an outdoor brand, and so they made these capris for women who like to camp, canoe, hike, bike, etc. The nylon is incredibly durable without being thick and bulky. Another big benefit of the material is that it will repel water; so even if you happen to get caught out in a storm or stomp around in a creek, the pants are going to stay dry.

These pants are manufactured to be very comfortable for women. They have an elastic waist that’s a lot more forgivable than other waists, so you don’t have to dial in your exact size to the number. They also have a zippered pocket, in order to keep your items safe. You will also find an adjustable leg opening here, so you can wear these capri pants in any sort of style you choose. These are the kind of pants that you definitely want with you while you’re spending time outdoors, and they’re available in sizes from extra small all the way up to 3XL.

Like so many items available on Shopping Blitz, the big difference here comes by way of the pricing. While on Shopping Blitz, you’re only going to be paying $44.99 for these great pants, and as an added bonus you can even get them shipped to your door for free, so it’s all about cutting those costs.

A New Type of Yoga Pants

Yoga pants, also known as leggings, are easily the most popular style of pants girls and women are purchasing today. While only a small percentage of them are actually used for yoga, the pants are so incredibly popular because they’re extremely flattering, form-fitting, comfortable, and they can hold up to a lot of wear and tear. To put it simply, they’re trendy. Though there have been a few variations of the yoga pant to come around, and if you’re in the market for something more unique and stylish that’s not like the everyday yoga pants everyone else is wearing, you might want to stop by Shopping Blitz to check out something new and exciting.

One of the most unique pair of yoga pants on the market today would be the prAna Ryley Crop Pants, available on Shopping Blitz. These aren’t those tight, form-fitting yoga pants you’re used to, though they’re still very flattering, comfortable and durable. They’re made out of a blend of polyester and spandex, and to be environmentally conscience, prAna used recycled materials for these relaxed yoga-style pants. The stretchable fabric sits looser on the body, and the tapered hem gives these pants a very unique and intricate pattern.

Unlike basic yoga pants, these pants actually have pockets, so you can carry stuff around with you, like your phone and keys. Other yoga pants don’t offer such features; and to the extent they do, it’s uncomfortable to put anything in your pockets because of the pants being so tight on the body. These pants are available in a very attractive flat black, indigo and indigo lace color option, while having sizing options that range from extra small to extra large.

The prAna brand is known for their high-quality gear, especially when it comes to yoga, so at most locations offering these pants, you’re going to be charged in excess of $90. However, the Shopping Blitz difference is apparent on the final price tag. Not only can you pick these pants up at Shopping Blitz for only $78.95, but as an added bonus you’ll also get free shipping on the item.

Simple, Stylish Sandals

For most of the nation, we’re pushing very close to hot, muggy, humid summer days, where many of us will be relaxing at the beach or poolside in order to beat the heat. For many women, this not only means rushing out to buy swimwear, but also to get some great sandals for the season. Sandals are light, breezy and comfortable, and make the perfect summer shoe. However, you should never have to overpay for low quality sandals. If you need sandals this summer, make sure you stop by Shopping Blitz to pick them up.

One of the best pair of sandals on the site today are also one of the simplest pairs: The Stargazer Sandals by Reef. While they look aesthetically very simple and laid-back, there’s also a lot that went into these sandals to make them stylish and comfortable. For starters, these sandals are made of PVC free TPU with EVA molding and light, thin rubber that’s also durable and flexible. This has a classic sandal look but an updated list of materials to make them stronger and more flexible for women who truly want to get the most out of their sandals.

Women also have a ton of options available here with these sandals. They’re available in sizes from 6 to 11, and larger when in stock, and in colors like black, iron, jewels, noir, shadow, and more. So no matter what your personal style, you will be able to find the pair of sandals right for you and your wardrobe. Overall, these sandals offer a comfortable, laid-back fit and style that you will cherish.

So simplistic and elegant, you won’t have to pay a small fortune for these sandals on Shopping Blitz. Rather than costing $40 or more, as with most other sites, these sandals will only run you $27.95, and you can save even more money here because they’ll ship for free.

The Perfect Summer Shirt

One thing many men have in common while at the beach, swimming or surfing, is that many like to keep their shirt on. This is for two reasons. One, it offers a lot of protection against the sun. Secondly, it offers more protection against skin damage when wiping out on a board. So if you’re looking for the perfect summer shit in which you can swim or surf the oceans, you might want to stop by at Shopping Blitz to see what they have in store. You can take your pick of the litter among dozens of great options.

One of the best surfing/swimming shirts available is the Dakine Roots Loose Fit Short Sleeve Rashguard. This shirt is built incredibly well out of polyester, elastane and nylon, so it can easily hold up to whatever you’re planning to throw at it. It comes in a very attractive heather olive color and is available in sizes from small up to 2 XL. A great feature of this shirt is that it offers you UPF50 protection, so the sun’s UV rays aren’t going to bleed through and damage your skin.

The shirt is able to keep its shape through all sorts of wear. The unique fabric was designed to get entirely wet yet still maintain its integrity. The fabric is quick drying, so a few minutes out of the water and the shirt is dry as a bone. And coming in at only just above six ounces, it’s also an incredibly light shirt that you may not even notice you’re wearing. Another big benefit here is that the shirt is attractive and cut like a basic t-shirt, so you can also wear it for a lot of other occasions, not just at the beach.

Many people already know and understand that Dakine is a top-shelf brand, and so their clothing items are typically costly. And at most online retailers, you’re going to pay a minimum of $60 for this shirt. However, when you choose to shop through Shopping Blitz, you will only have to pay $48.95 for this shirt, plus you get even more savings by having this item shipped free to your front door.

Comfortable Summer Slip-On Sandals

Sandals have been a popular type of men’s footwear for thousands of years. Millennia before athletic sneakers were ever first conceived of, sandals were very popular in ancient civilizations like Rome, Greece and even China. Having an open-toed foot covering was considered the bare minimum; though because of the comfort offered, this is a type of footwear option we have kept throughout the changing years. Today, if you want to find the absolute best in men’s sandals, you don’t have to travel to Rome. Simply log on to Shopping Blitz to find everything you want.

One of the hottest sandals selling on Shopping Blitz right now would be the Slip On Slide Sandals by Fila. These open-toe sandals are made by one of the biggest global footwear brands, so you know that they emphasize quality and craftsmanship. With a padded Velcro closure for an adjustable, comfortable fit, and hard rubber outsoles that are protective and flexible, this is everything a man could want in a great pair of sandals. These are Fila classics that have been part of the brand for decades, and it’s easy to see why.

These sandals are available in a classic Fila black color, with the Fila logo embroidered on the Velcro closure. Whether your foot is large or small, you should be able to fit comfortable into these sandals, which are available in sizes from 4M to 13M, and they’re adjustable so realistically a size 16 foot could fit comfortably into these sandals. The insoles are also padded, so you’ll have a comfortable step whether walking a lot or just lounging around.

One of the best aspects of these Fila Slip On sandals is the price. Of course, Fila is a top-shelf brand, and a lot of sites out there are going to charge you $50 or more, and they’ll get that amount because these are Fila sandals. However, Shopping Blitz does things differently. When you purchase these sandals here, you will only have to pay $26.945. As an added bonus, you will also receive free shipping on this product.

Comfortable, Colorful Men’s T-Shirts

For men’s sense of fashion and style, there’s nothing quite like a good t-shirt. Comfortable, a little loose, breezy, and available in any sort of style or color they want, a t-shirt is the quintessential item for men. Even men who like to dress up still own a bunch of basic shirts. So if you’re a man in the market for a good t-shirt, you might want to consider something from the Life is Good brand. A top-flight brand, Shopping Blitz is the ideal location at which to find a wide array of Life is Good items.

Life is Good is an American brand known for their whimsical, fun t-shirts with cool and colorful slogans, and the This Is Only A Drill Crusher T-Shirt epitomizes everything the brand stands for in one great shirt. This is one of the brand’s more laid-back t-shirts, which means it just flows over the body for a breezy, comfortable fit. It’s made out of 100% USA-grown cotton, so the quality isn’t in question here.

This is a very cozy and comfortable offering from Life is Good, available in sizes from small to 3 XL. It has a ribbed neck for the utmost in comfort. Rather than constricting at the neck or offering a tight chest and shoulders, this is a loose-fitting shirt in those areas, making this shirt ideal for lounging around or even working out. The big selling point is the whimsical drill on the front of this printed, tee, with the slogan “This Is Only A Drill.”

Unlike those light, thin t-shirts that you can pick up in a variety pack, this Crusher tee from Life is Good is thick and durable while still maintaining its light look and feel. It’s the ideal shirt to wear in the spring or summer, and the price is unbeatable. At other online locations, you might be looking at $40 or more for such a shirt. At Shopping Blitz, however, you can grab this shirt for only $25.95, and you’ll also get free shipping on this item.