The Season for Long Sleeves

The difference between 2018 and 1998 isn’t simply 20 years; it’s actually the vast ways by which our world has changed, especially in the shopping realm. Men, for instance, are no longer hamstrung by going into a store that carries 90% women’s clothing, and then a few shirts and jeans for the fellas. Now men have just as many options as women when shopping online, and this works out well around this time of year when many men are looking for long-sleeve shirts to keep them a bit warmer. Shopping Blitz has exactly what you’re looking for, available for a price you can afford to pay.

The Off-Road Outdoor Long Sleeve Crusher Tee by Life is Good is a cotton jersey t-shirt that covers you up like a sweatshirt. It’s light and comfortable, with cotton whose fibers are so dense and compact that it shields you from the bitter chill without having to cover you up in extra material. There’s some polyester built into the blend for extra durability and flexibility, but overall this is a very comfortable shirt. The Crusher line is Life is Good’s most successful, and for many good reasons. These products are all high-quality, feel great on the skin, and protect you well. For men, this is a great long sleeve shirt to get them through the season.

The shirt itself is available in a darker heather night black, which is like a deep shade of gray. It has a fun and whimsical jeep printed on the front. It’s definitely a shirt that packs in a lot of style. Since it’s from Life is Good, men of almost any size will be able to fit into this shirt, seeing as the sizes go from small all the way up through 3 XL.

One of the strongest selling points of this shirt, at least when you shop with Shopping Blitz, is that it’s available for only $29.95, and this fantastic price even includes free shipping to your front door anywhere in the continental United States.


Comfortable Sneakers for Women

One thing that women can say about their shoes that men typically can’t: Most styles of women’s shoes are very uncomfortable. That’s not to say that they hurt the feet and make them too hard to wear; it’s just a point of fact that most women’s shoes focus more on style than comfort, so those heels and pumps can definitely get a bit uncomfortable. And this is why a lot of women turn to a site like Shopping Blitz, which allows them to find comfortable, durable, affordable sneakers that they really appreciate, especially around this time of the year.

A great example of a durable, affordable and comfortable pair of sneakers would be the Octave Energized Sneakers by Fila. Since 1911 Fila has been making some of the best shoes on the market, and the Octave shoes are no exception. They’re made out of a blend of leather and synthetic materials, so they’re very durable. The outers have breathable mesh that keep the temperate of your feet regulated well. The injected EVA midsoles provide comfort and support, with a cushioned insert that really helps the feet out tremendously. The memory foam inside features COOLMAX, so you can wear those thick wool socks in the fall and winter and still be comfortable in the shoes.

The shoes are available in a color scheme of black, white and dark shadow, which just makes them look sleek and fierce. In sizes 6 through 11, you’ll also find a pair that’s liable to fit most women’s feet. If you wear a smaller or larger size, just check back in with Shopping Blitz periodically to see what else is in stock.

Fila does not cut corners with their footwear, which is why the brand is considered to be top shelf. So these shoes will run you $84.95 on Shopping Blitz, but will actually cost a lot more elsewhere. To ensure you’re saving as much money as possible, you also get free shipping on these shoes.

Comfortable Shorts for the Fall

Yes, if you’re a woman shopping for clothing and you read this title, you might be thinking right now, “Why would I be looking for a pair of shorts in the fall?” After all, this is the time of year where you’re supposed to start stocking up on cold-weather gear like those thicker leggings and jeans and sweaters, etc. Though think about it this way: Nobody else is buying this sort of clothing really, yet companies still have to move it. So not only do you get to save money with better prices, but you find more in stock in the sizes and colors you want. It’s a win-win, plus you can lounge around with the shorts, or save them for spring. Shopping Blitz has a lot of these items with great price tags.

The Hallena Shorts by prAna are fantastic through and through. They’re made out of a very comfortable, flexible and durable nylon-spandex blend. What this creates is a pair of shorts that cling to you and fit your form much like a pair of leggings would, while also providing that flexibility you likely desire in anything you wear. They’re very form flattering, and incredibly durable so they can handle any situation. They’re so soft and comfortable that many women take to wearing them as house shorts while inside, but they’re also attractive enough to be the main feature of your ensemble for going out.

This is the time of year where you’ll find these shorts at Shopping Blitz available in colors like coal, moonrock and cargo green, and won’t really have to worry about your favorite color selling out. The same goes with sizes. These shorts are available in sizes from 00 to 14, so a very broad range!

At $68.95, these shorts might seem expensive at first. But understand the quality that went in to making these shorts. They’re very durable, with the aesthetic of jean shorts though offering you the fit of a great pair of leggings. It’s a combination that’s hard to beat, plus Shopping Blitz even throws in free shipping.

The Perfect Pajamas for Him

If you’re a man in today’s clothing market, you might notice that every time that lounge, night-wear shows up in an add, those comfortable PJs and a variety of sleepwear, it’s always targeted directly to women. They’re obviously the largest market here, and thus rarely, if ever, are pajamas and other comfortable similar items targeted toward men. Unfortunately, this leaves many men believing that brands don’t even make those sorts of items for men, since they never see them advertised. Shopping Blitz wants you to know that, yes, brands do indeed make those sorts of items for you, and they’re actually pretty easy to find.

The Sleepy Red Plaid Classic Sleep Pants by Life is Good is a very popular pair of pajama pants that you can find on Shopping Blitz, and you would never have to search around a lot for them. They’re right out in the open. Life is Good is a great brand for creating comfortable clothing, and these PJ pants are made out of a cotton twill that’s as smooth as silk while being very warm. The garment’s fabric was brushed for extra softness, and these pants were made to keep you warm and comfortable while sleeping during those chilly winter nights. Though the material is still plenty thick and durable enough for you to wear around the home on those lazy weekends.

The Americana Red plaid color is a variety of different shades of red, checkered together on the pants with a variety of grays and even some black and white. It’s like the classic flannel/plaid pattern that you know, only with a broader range of better colors. The pants are also available in sizes from small through 2 XL, so they’ll fit a big range of guys.

Rarely will men be able to find PJs so easily, and even rarer are PJs that are actually made with such quality craftsmanship. Even still, you will only be paying $37.95, and this price even includes free shipping to top it off.

A Boot That Will Last

One of the best things about buying boots it that you get a rugged piece of footwear that keeps the feet warm and protected, offers you great traction, and undoubtedly look great. Though one of the worst things about buying boots is that most are only going to hold up for a season or so, especially if you’re active and work in them. That’s because the leather most brands use isn’t really quality stuff. And they’re mass-produced on an assembly line without any care. It’s very hard to find boots that can really hold up and last. However, that’s exactly what Shopping Blitz helps men with: You’re shown high-quality items that will definitely hold up to wear and tear.

Take, as a great example, the Halcyon Dark Coyote Tactical Boots by Tactical 5.11. Yes, a very long name, but it’s for a very solid pair of boots. Tactical 5.11 cut their teeth on making legitimate survival gear, so these boots were designed to be used in the harshest of situations and still maintain their integrity. The outers of these boots are real suede leather and mesh, and it was designed to be the brand’s toughest boot yet. The insides also feature a soft Ortholite sole, so they were made for all-day comfort. The Tac-lock proprietary lacing system keeps these boots very secure on the feet. They’re also breathable, of course, due to the mesh inserts.

Overall, this is a winning pair of boots for men, whether you want them to work in, to hike around in, or just for their impeccable style. The Dark Coyote is a color, and it’s a very rich shade of tan, almost broaching on camo green. And in sizes from 4 through 14, it’s a pair of boots that will fit almost any sized foot.

Understand that Tactical 5.11 is a very serious brand that offers durable, long-lasting items, so you might find these boots for around $200 on some sites. Shopping Blitz is different, of course, offering you these boots for $149.95, and even throwing in free shipping to sweeten the pot.

A Warm, Stylish Beanie

It’s the end of October, and most of you throughout America are going to wake up this morning and feel that chilly air as you go out to work, to school, or just out for the day to run your errands. Most of you are going to be dressing warmer, with sweaters and thick socks. And keep in mind: It’s still only the start of fall, pretty much, and it’s only going to be colder for the next three months. This is why many women out there are getting a jump-start on the cold-weather season by stocking up on those cold-weather items to help keep them warm. In other words, many women are stopping in at Shopping Blitz for new, warmer items, and maybe you should too.

A great cold-weather item that you might want to pick up would be the Glacial Beanie by prAna. Although listed as a women’s beanie, the size itself won’t discriminate, so men who like these sort of light, bright colors can definitely wear it too. This beanie was made out of a blend of high-quality wool and nylon, so it’s warm and flexible, while being very comfortable. It’s not so hot that it’s going to cause you to sweat. It’s really comfortable to wear, and also gorgeous to look at aesthetically, with its zig-zag pattern. It features a fleece-lined band for more comfort, and the material won’t stretch out and become loose.

This beanie is available in multiple colors, though you will want to act quickly to ensure that you can pick up the beanie in the color scheme of your choice. You have equinox blue with yellow and white zig-zags; mulled wine with the same design; and scorched brown with orange, blue and white designs. So it’s a very striking item; and as we mentioned, it can be unisex.

The cost of this beanie is only $34.95 right now on Shopping Blitz, which is a pretty solid deal. To make the deal even better, you won’t actually have to pay anything for shipping. It ships out free of charge.

A Comfortable, Thicker Pair of Leggings

There’s something about leggings that are just all the craze. Typically is the case that when a pair of women’s pants come in style, they stay that way for a year or so then die off, and then pop back up decades later, like bell bottoms. However, leggings, or yoga pants, have been seriously trending for around a dozen years, and millions of women are looking for leggings. Though instead of those tight, constricting yoga pants, many want a more comfortable type of form-fitting pants. This is where Shopping Blitz can help, offering you a massive selection of quality leggings.

The Beaker Pants by prAna are a hybrid pair of leggings mixed with a comfortable jogger that make for the ideal pair of pants, especially for the fall season. These fitted pants feature a skinny, tapered leg and a wider elastic waistband, so they fit well and look great, and they can be hiked up to fit without exposing that risque crotch area that so many yoga pants do. They’re made out of a blend of organic cotton, hemp and spandex, so they’re warm, comfortable, thicker than usual, yet still very form-fitting and flexible.

One great thing about these pants is that they’re available in a classic black color, as well as weathered blue and charcoal. Just act quickly while supplies last, as Shopping Blitz deals with a first-come, first-served basis, and there’s no guarantee the pants you want will be there. They’re also available in sizes from XS to XL.

These pants are going to run you $88.95, but that’s still a pretty decent deal. Not only does Shopping Blitz slash the price down from other retailers, but you will also get free shipping and not have to pay another cent.

Something Fancier for the Fall

If you were to survey a group of thousands of men out there, asking about what types of clothing they wear, the vast majority would come back with answers like t-shirts and jeans and sneakers; you know, the simpler stuff. Most men have very simplistic tastes when it comes to clothing, which is why the vast majority of clothing items you find for men are of the simpler variety. However, there does exist a subset of men who prefer to be very stylish and fancier in their clothing options, and for those sorts of men, Shopping Blitz definitely has a lot of items from which you can choose, especially for the fall season.

The Retro Dress Boots by Giorgio Brutini stand as a prime example of men’s shoes that add a huge splash of fashion and flair to the everyday wardrobe. This is a pair of boots from an Italian designer, and they’re every bit as old-school Italian as you could ever want. They look like something popular in New York or Chicago in the 1930s. They’re made out of a full-grain leather for the outsoles, that’s polished to a glossy perfection. The tapered, pointed toes just really finish off that retro aesthetic very nicely. They even have overlaying seams and a full zipper up-side for comfort and increased style.

These boots have an amazing color to them. Although they’re listed as black, and certainly look black, they have this gorgeous, glowing silver shimmer to them when the light hits them directly, which makes them look even more stunning. You can grab them in men’s sizes from 6 all the way up through 15, so they’re going to fit practically any foot, plus they’re very wide.

For a retro pair of boots like this, $120 seems like a low price tag, and would still be a solid deal. However, you won’t pay close to that through Shopping Blitz. These boots are only $86.52 and you even get free shipping on the item.

The Right Pants for the Weather

There probably isn’t a guy out there right now who doesn’t have a favorite pair of blue jeans that he wears around the year, for most occasions. The fact of the matter is that guys are pretty simple in their taste, and so they’re easy to please. Though this also means that most guys are missing out on some great items, like a pair of pants that are a lot more comfortable and versatile than those blue jeans. If you would like to find a pair of pants that offer you more than those jeans, then you might want to check out what Shopping Blitz is offering you. This site allows you to find a lot of great items for not a lot of money.

A great pair of pants that you might really appreciate is the Brion 36″ Inseam Pants made by prAna. These are pants that were developed to be high-performance. They were created with a stretchable Zion fabric. Not only does this fabric flex and stretch with the body, while still hanging loose and not fitting tightly, but the fabric also does great for blocking out the wind and repelling water. So these are the ideal pants for men during the fall and winter months of the year. Overall, they’re constructed like your basic pants, with a 5-pocket style, ribbed cuffs, and a button-front waist with belt loops. The difference comes in the fabric used to make the pants.

Black, Cargo Green, Charcoal, Coffee Bean, Equinox Blue and Dark Khaki are just a few of the many colors in which these pants are available on the site. Though just be aware that these are popular pants, and the color you want will not be available if you wait around too long. These pants fit most small to medium men, with sizes right now only running from around 30 to 40, so you won’t find them in big and tall sizes.

Everything about those favorite blue jeans has been improved upon with these Brion pants, and you can pick them up in a range of colors for only $78.95. Making the deal even sweeter is the fact that Shopping Blitz offers these pants to you with free shipping.

The Perfect Fall Shoes

This is definitely the time of year when men from all around the nation start looking at tougher, warmer footwear that can hold up to a lot of walking. This is because millions of guys out there enjoy hiking around in the fall to check out the changing leaves. It’s also the time of year that many guys decide to put up their tennis shoes because the colder, messier weather is on its way. So if you’re in the market for a tougher, stronger pair of shoes that can hold up better to hiking around and colder weather, Shopping Blitz definitely has quite a few options you may want to check out.

The 8053 5 Eye Oxfords are a great pair of shoes that act more like a hybrid. These are Dr. Martens items, which is a brand famous for its boots, so they definitely serve like a boot in many respects. They’re made out of full-grain leather, they’re tough and durable, the soles of the shoes are incredibly strong. Overall, this is footwear that fits you like a shoe but performs just like a boot. It’s very strong and also stylish, giving you a great 5-eye lace-up profile. You also have a full leather lining in these boots, and the traditional sewing of Dr. Martens for an aesthetic pop and improved strength.

In a gaucho color that’s like a deep, rich chocolate, these hybrid Dr. Martens can easily hold up to any sort of hiking or walking you need, while being so attractive that you can also wear them out in any semi-formal setting for dressing up. Available in sizes from 6 to 15 men’s, they’re also going to fit most men’s feet.

$124.95 is what you’ll pay for these shoes on Shopping Blitz, and that’s actually a steal compared to other sites selling them. Best of all, you’re going to get free shipping here so you won’t have to pay another single penny. These benefits help to save you money on the best merchandise.