Cool Sneakers for Your Boy

As most parents of little boys find out, they sure do go through sneakers pretty quickly. Part of that, of course, is the fact that their feet are going to grow and the shoes simply are not going to fit after a certain period of time. However, another big part of that has to do with the fact that boys are pretty rough on their shoes. They’re out there stomping around in puddles and playing in the dirt, and they end up trashing a lot of shoes. This is why it’s important to aim for quality sneakers for your boys, especially if they’re around that school age. Finding them shoes that are durable is essential, and Shopping Blitz is your go-to location for durable boys shoes.

The Evan TX Sneakers by DC Shoes are some of the toughest sneakers on the market for little boys today. They’re made with canvas uppers, which are very durable and flexible, while also being soft and comfortable for his feet. The benefits of the canvas being so flexible and pliable is that they not only hold up well to all the wear and tear, but also that it will take him longer to actually outgrow the shoes. The hard rubber outsoles keep great traction and are also very durable. Overall, this is a breathable shoe that’s comfortable and tough as nails.

The shoes flex and bend with the movement of the feet, and with a vulcanized construction, you won’t have to worry about the soles and the uppers separating from one another. You can pick these shoes up in a dark or light blue, each with a white sole, and in sizes from 1 to 13 in little kids sizes, so they’re going to fit everything from toddlers to kids in elementary school.

Since these are offered on Shopping Blitz, it isn’t going to break the bank to pick these shoes up. They’re available for only $44.95, and with that price you also get free shipping, so won’t have to pay any more to have them delivered.

A Fila Throwback for Men

If you’re not familiar with the Fila brand, they’re a brand that popped up in Italy in the early 1900s and quickly became famous for their footwear. These days you can find practically any sort of clothing you want from the brand. Leggings and jeans and shorts to tees and hoodies and jackets, Fila carries a little bit of something for everyone. However, the brand cut its teeth in the industry via its footwear, and it’s still their footwear that is the most recognized. Fila has a habit of revamping their old styles, with modern materials and techniques, and offering their fans throwback items, and Shopping Blitz is the best place to find these items.

One such item would be the Original Tennis Sneakers by Fila. One look at these sneakers and you can tell that they’re a throwback style to decades past, though they use the best in today’s materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure that they hold up a lot better than the shoes of the past. These are low-top sneakers that have a ton of style. They’re a cream color featuring an embroidered logo on the side, with the classic navy blue and Chinese red Fila stripes. They also feature a two-tone lace, navy blue and cream, so without question these shoes are all about the style.

Though they also function well. While they’re a tennis shoe, you can also use them for working out, other sorts of sports, or just hanging out. They have hard and durable rubber outsoles that keep great traction while also being flexible and comfortable. And available in sizes 9 through 15, most men can easily find their size and wear these sneakers comfortably.

For a leather shoe from Fila, you actually won’t have to pay a lot. Shopping Blitz is offering this shoe for only $74.95, and the site even throws in free shipping to really sweeten the deal.

New Take on a Women’s Classic

There’s something about a classic t-shirt that’s just great in the way it fits and feels, especially during the summer. This is true for everyone, men, women and children. The right t-shirt looks great, goes with anything, and can definitely hold up to a lot of wear and tear. Though understand that a t-shirt is much more of a style than anything else. It’s that lightweight fabric in the classic t-shaped style, and not just that plain white tee that you may be picturing. This means that you can easily find t-shirts that are very stylish and that really stand out and pop. So when you’re on Shopping Blitz looking for the right shirt for you, remember that there are all sorts of different tees available.

The Xena Short Sleelve Bike Jersey Shirt by Dakine is a t-shirt style top for women that does so much more than your average tee. For starters, this jersey style shirt is made out of a very sophisticated type of polyester that wicks away moisture from the body and dries very quickly. This means that you can wear this shirt for practically anything and won’t have to worry about it. No matter the conditions, it will keep you cool and dry. The fabric also has a Polygiene benefit that actually controls odor by killing bacteria and other microbes that can lead to a stench.

This is a very attractive tee, with a lot of Hawaiian flare to it, and is currently available in multiple color combinations on Shopping Blitz. It’s also available in multiple sizes, so women from size extra small up through extra large can enjoy wearing this shirt.

With Shopping Blitz, the great news is that you will only have to pay $44.95 for this shirt, which is a pretty big discount considering how much this Dakine piece may cost you elsewhere. To make the deal even sweeter, you also get this item shipped to you for free.

A Versatile, Hybrid Tank Top

Versatility is something that’s very important to a lot of women when they shop for clothing. They want to pick up items that they know can be used in a variety of ways. For most clothing items sold on the market today, this just does not happen. If you buy a sweater, for instance, then it’s just going to be a sweater. You can tie it on different ways and roll up the sleeves, but it’s still just a sweater. Though if you had something like a quality tank top, for example, you’ll find that you can actually get a lot more versatility out of this item, and Shopping Blitz is your go-to location for women’s tanks.

The Do The Twist Tank Top from Fila is a piece of athletic clothing that was designed to be very versatile. Its versatility comes in by way of its size and shape. Made out of a very flexible, stretchable blend of polyester and spandex, this tank top is incredibly lightweight and can easily be worn as a comfortable undershirt. It fits to the form of the body so well that, under another shirt or sweater, it could actually be used as a more comfortable bra. Though it’s definitely built well and tough enough to be easily used as a standalone tank top, especially during the summer months.

Like most items from Fila, you shouldn’t have any problem at all finding something that fits you very well. The sizes here range from extra small, for very tiny women, and goes up to extra large, for larger women. You may even be able to find larger sizes, depending on what’s in stock.

Fila has long been known for creating some of the best clothing options on the market. This is a brand all about the quality, while Shopping Blitz is a brand all about the savings, which means you can pick up this great tank top for only $40.95, and even get free shipping as an added bonus.

Stylish Men’s Shoes Done Right

Finding a pair of quality shoes is certainly an easy thing to do. At most online shops and real-world shops, men are more than able to find anything they need for their feet. From boots that were made for some of the toughest jobs on the planet to workout shoes that keep the feet safe and comfortable, men’s footwear certainly runs the entire gamut. Though sometimes there’s just that special shoe out there for men, that’s stylish and comfortable and everything you want in a pair of shoes, but you didn’t know about it. This is where Shopping Blitz comes in, offering you shoes that you just aren’t going to find in too many other locations.

On such pair of shoes would be the Grisham Oxfords by Propet. These were shoes built for all-day comfort and style, while also adding a lot of comfort and an ability to keep your feet safe. This is an Oxford-style shoe, so it’s perfect for any formal or semi-formal situation, while also being stylish enough to wear out anywhere else you need it. The top is made from strong, flexible full-grain leather, and the OrthoLite insole with PU foam offers a lot of breathability, wicks away moisture, and is even medically approved as a therapeutic shoe.

This gorgeous shoe is available in black leather with a white rubber sole, or brown leather with a white rubber sole. Currently, the sizes available range from an 8 in men’s all the way up through a 15, so men of most any size feet can pick up a pair of these oxfords and wear them comfortably.

Propet is no stranger to creating some of the most high-end, stylish shoes on the market, and they’re famed for using the best materials around to create quality, long lasting footwear. Even still, Shopping Blitz is offering these shoes for only $114.95, which is very cheap in comparison to many other locations. To top it off, you’ll even get free shipping on this item.

Sneakers Off the Beaten Path

Men definitely have a huge variety of sneakers available to them at a wide range of stores. Tennis shoes, shoes for running, jogging, working out, lounging around, working a job, and much more. Though have you ever just wanted a type of shoe that was off the beaten path? Something original and unique, that you know a lot of people around you aren’t wearing? This is where a store like Shopping Blitz can really help you. If you want a pair of sneakers that are unique, a pair that you know others aren’t wearing in droves, then stop on in and check out the wide selection.

Believe it or not, Harley Davidson makes sneakers, and pretty good ones too. The Baxter Sneakers are from the Harley Davidson motorcycle brand, and they’re fierce and rugged and everything you’d expect from the H-D brand. This is a high-top classic sneaker that’s very reminiscent of a Chuck Taylor from Converse, and it’s made with textured leather in the upper, with comfortable and durable textile lining, and a vulcanized rubber outsole that will hold up to a lot of wear and tear. With black leather uppers, and a skull logo on the side, these are sneakers that are perfect for Harley enthusiasts, or just guys who want something a little different.

One of the best aspects of these H-D sneakers is how comfortable they are. They were designed with the textile lining to fit just like an ordinary sneakers, so unlike boots which may get hot and uncomfortable due to the leather, these shoes will stay comfortable and cool. They’re available in sizes from 7 in men’s, up to 13.

For a pair of Harley sneakers, you might be thinking that you’d need to pay $100 or more. However, Shopping Blitz offers a huge discount on these sneakers, making them available for only $64.95, and with that price you’ll even get free shipping.


A Gorgeous Embossed Belt

Not only can women find a whole lot of different clothing items available to them, but they also have a lot of fashion accessories available on the market. These accessories include everything from hats and hair pins to bags and bracelets, and even items like belts. Sure, men definitely have a ton of belts around from which they can choose, but when it comes to women’s belts, things just get a bit fancier. Take, for instance, some of the belts you can find on Shopping Blitz. These belts are very well designed while also being strong enough to last for years and to be used every day. If you want to find the right belt for you, just stop on by.

The Embossed Strap Belt by Ariat is a prime example of everything a woman’s fashion accessory should be: It’s classy and elegant, while also being very stylish, and best of all it’s practical and sturdy, so it can actually be used and not just looked at. This embossed belt features an extra wide strap that’s made out of genuine full-grain leather. The embossing on this belt comes by way of hand-stitching in the actual leather itself, not some cheap and tacky glue-on rhinestones or anything of that nature. It’s a western-style belt created by M&F Western Products just for the Ariat brand.

This is a gorgeous leather belt that’s deep and richly brown, and is available in sizes from small up through extra large, so women of just about any size should be able to comfortably wear this belt and look great doing it. Small size is up to 30 inches, while extra large is up to 42 inches.

For this much real leather, you might expect to pay a whole lot of money. On a lot of sites, this would be the case. On Shopping Blitz, however, you will only have to pay $31.95 for this belt, and you can even get it shipped directly to your door without having to spend another penny on it.

The Perfect Women’s Tank

Women who shop have long known that they have a lot of options available to them. But what if it’s the middle of the hot summer and you want something that covers you up but definitely won’t make you hot? This is where having a great tank top can really come into play. There are all sorts of tank tops available out there for women, though some of them will barely cover you up while others out there are simply too thick and aren’t really flattering at all. To find the best tank top for the best fit during this time of year, there’s no better place to shop than with Shopping Blitz.

Dakine and their Plate Lunch Racerback Tank Shirt is the perfect blend of a tank top that’s made out of quality t-shirt material, so it’s comfortable, fits well, and will definitely hold up. It was designed based on Hawaiian culture, so it has that tropical, beach-like look and feel to it. The racerback name comes from how the back was designed, with strips of flexible, stretchy cotton that allows your entire upper body to have a full range of motion. This tank was built with a crafted blend of rayon, polyester and cotton.

This is a tank that’s ideal to wear at the gym, out to a yoga class, or even just for a day on the beach hanging out. No matter the occasion, this is a tank that fits well and will look great. It’s a black tank with a color printed design on the front, and it’s available in sizes from extra small up through extra large, so it’s going to fit women of just about any size.

One of the best things about this tank is its price. On Shopping Blitz right now, you can get this shirt for only $26.95, and this even includes free shipping, so you won’t have to pay a single penny more to have this item delivered to your door.

It’s Back to School for Boys

Most school-age boys across the nation are already back in school, or getting ready to go. Though that doesn’t mean that you still can’t keep up with your back to school shopping by finding the best deals on the best items that your little boys will love when sitting in class studying. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that they like the best, and that will hold up well for the entire school year – which means you’ll end up liking them too. Like a simple crew neck t-shirt from a trusted brand. If this is something in which you’re interested, Shopping Blitz has you covered.

The Center Court Crew Neck Shirt by Fila is a piece of athletic clothing for boys that was built to truly last. It’s made out of a soft brand of polyester that’s still very durable and flexibility, while also being able to wick moisture away. This means that he can actually go play in the shirt. And with an SPF 30 fabric, it’s definitely safe for him to wear outside. This shirt also provides a lot of ventilation, so his body will be able to naturally breathe while wearing it.

The shirt is currently available in two different colors on shopping blitz. You have a white base with black arms and green reflective accents, or a black base with green reflective arms and white ventilation patches on the sides. And in boy’s sizes from extra small to extra large, it will fit most younger boys with no problems.

Fila’s items are top shelf, and so this is an item that could easily go for $50 or more. However, on Shopping Blitz, this won’t be a concern. This shirt is available for only $37.95, and to give you more bang for your buck, you will also get free shipping on the item.

A Quality Tee for Women

Of all the many different options for tops women have available to them, perhaps there’s nothing on the market today that fits as well and feels as good as a good, old-fashioned t-shirt. Of course, not all t-shirts are created the same. Some tees use thick materials and are stiff and rigid. Other tees are like tissue paper and can’t hold up to everyday wear and tear. What you need is something in the middle; something comfortable and high-quality. For t-shirts like these, you can always check out what Shopping Blitz is offering.

The Solid Crusher Tee by Life is Good is one of the only tees in the brand’s Crusher line that doesn’t have a large graphic on it. It’s basically a solid t-shirt, and that’s a good thing for women who want to dress down and just relax. In a bold pop pink color, it definitely stands out enough by itself without you needing a large printed graphic on the front. This shirt is made out of 100% pre-treated cotton that is extra soft and durable, so that it’s extra comfortable and will last you a long time.

This shirt has a laid-back style and skims over the body for a comfortable, caressing fit that’s perfect for nearly any time of year. Unless it’s very cold outside, like with winter, this shirt would be ideal for the spring, summer or fall. It has a swooping crew neck that’s roomy, self-fabric taping from shoulder to shoulder, and has a longer body cut so that it covers more. It’s available in sizes from 2X small through 3XL, so it will fit almost everyone.

This is all about the quality with this shirt, though it’s also about being affordable, at least if you’re shopping with Shopping Blitz. You can pick this Life is Good cotton tee up for only $21.95, which means you get to save some big bucks.