Men, Don’t Forget Your Boots

If there’s anything you wanted as a man but didn’t get over the holiday season, then join the club. Sure, it does feel better to give than to receive, but most men still do expect to get some presents from their loved ones! Many men out there were hoping to get some boots, but those hopes didn’t pan out. Therefore they still need boots for the winter. The good news here is that sites like Shopping Blitz don’t stop their great sales just because the holiday season is over with. If you’re a man in need of some awesome boots, then stop on by and check out a wide range of top-shelf footwear that you can afford.

The Chilkat Evo Waterproof Boots by The North Face are the epitome of style and function. The ideal winter boots from a company that has decades of experience under its belt delivering the best in cold-weather gear. These boots have a blended leather upper that’s actually entirely waterproof. So you get the toughness and look of leather with the protection of a synthetic material. The shaft of these boots is also tall and protective, and you have 200g of Heatseeker insulation to keep that cold weather out. The TNF Winter Grip rubber outsole is designed to give you sure footing on any wintry surface, so you can get around easy and comfortably in these boots.

There are two color combinations here with the Chilkat. The first is a black-on-black combo, using different shades of black to create a fierce-looking boot. The second is a split-rock and gingerbread brown, which looks very attractive with a variety of brown shades. The sizing options here run from around 7 through 14 in men’s, so you should be able to find the right size for you.

The original Shopping Blitz price for these shoes was $135.95, which is still cheaper than you can find them elsewhere. However, the site is still offering its holiday special on this item, so you can grab these boots for only $88.95, and that even includes free shipping.

Keeping Her Warm This Winter

The holiday season might now be officially over, but there are still around three months of winter with which most people must contend throughout the nation. The majority of the country has to deal with snow and freezing temperatures until around the middle of March, and so your wardrobe is likely going to have to reflect the season around you. This is actually pretty good news, at least if you’re a woman who loves picking up the latest in cozy fashions for the season. Shopping Blitz can help you find the garments that are ideal for this sort of weather, and all for prices you can afford to pay.

The Sleepy Hoodie Cozy Open Sleep Hoodie from Life is Good might have a weird, semi-redundant name, but it is truly the ultimate in cozy winter wear for women who love to lounge around the house in comfort. While this item can hold up well outdoors, it’s created to be much more like a wearable cozy blanket that you use indoors. It’s made out of a soft, warm polyester material and is in the style of a cardigan. It drapes over the body, with a large open front, like a throw that has sleeves and a hood. It’s pretty thick yet incredibly lightweight, and has pockets for your convenience.

Like we stated, this open-front cardigan hoodie can be worn outside, though it was made specifically as an indoor sort of lounge-wear piece. It’s available in a deep, rich night black color. Because it’s from the Life is Good brand, you won’t have to worry about sizing options. You can grab this in sizes from extra small all the way up through 2XL, so it’s going to fit basically everyone.

One of the best selling points of this item is its price. Available for only $57.95, you’ll get it at Shopping Blitz for a lot cheaper than elsewhere. Adding even more to the deal is the fact that this item also ships out for free, so that’s one less charge you have to deal with.

A Boxer Brief Set for Him

While women have entire stores dedicated to their underwear, and even entire industries and world famous runway shows, men’s underwear are basically ignored by everyone. Perhaps that’s why they call them “unmentionables,” because no one ever really talks about men’s underwear items like boxer-briefs. Shopping Blitz has not forgotten about the men out there, however, and offers a wide range of underwear for men that are not only top-shelf in terms of quality and comfort, but also that are fairly priced and affordable on any budget. Ladies, take note here if you need a good present for your guy this holiday season.

The Life is Good Moose Boxer Pack Boxer Brief Set gives men precisely what they want for a very affordable price. You actually get two pairs of boxer-briefs in this set, so you don’t have to fuss over which you like more, boxers or briefs. The hybrid versions seem to please everyone, offering the best of both worlds. These undergarments are made out of a blend of 95% cotton for warmth and comfort, while also having 5$ spandex, so they’re very elastic and form fitting. You  have the front flap, a thick elastic waistband, and those famous no-ride legs that won’t bunch up and make you uncomfortable.

The listing color is known as Americana red, but it goes well beyond that with these boxer-briefs. The first pair is a red color with white silhouettes of reindeer, for a festive feel. The second pair is holly green, also festive while still being a solid color. Your sizing options with these items run from small up through 2XL.

You should keep in mind here that Life is Good isn’t some Johnny-come-lately novelty brand. They use some real high-quality cotton to make very comfortable, durable clothing, and these boxer-briefs are no exception. All that said, you still get them for a great price on Shopping Blitz. Right now, you will only have to pay $23.95 for the whole set.

Warming Up with the Winter Throwback

Some of the best styles of yesteryear have never really gone away. In women’s styles, if you think about it, leggings have been around since the ’80s, and hit a huge resurgence in the 2000s. Just think about how long blue jeans have been in style for men. We’re talking about over a hundred years! Some styles fade away and are never seen from again, while others become fashion mainstays. Men’s flannel/plaid is definitely one of those fashion genres that is here to stay, and men can find a wide range of clothing items that have that flannel design, even in high-quality winter jackets that were designed to keep them warm.

The Pinnacle Jacket from prAna is definitely aptly named, as it might just be the pinnacle of men’s jackets for this time of year. This thick, durable, comfortable jacket can keep you warm in the coldest temperatures, but it doesn’t drag you down with added weight. It features a sherpa collar, two patch pockets with button flaps, two welt hand pockets, and is designed in that plaid design (flannel) that so many men love. The material outside is a recycled wool blend that’s lightweight while also offering the same protections as a wool coat. The polyester lining is comfortable and allows the body to breathe.

The plaid flannel-looking black option for this, with colorful stripes, is undoubtedly the most popular. Though if you’d rather go with a different sort of look, you can also pick this jacket up in an attractive lighter charcoal color, which is solid. Sizing options on this jacket run from small up through 2XL, so it covers a big range.

This is a legitimate woolen winter jacket, featuring Sherpa, four pockets, elastic cuffs, a button-front, and much more, and it’s from prAna. So if you found it for $180, you might still consider that a deal. Shopping Blitz allows you to save a lot of money here by offering this jacket for only $148.95, and even offers free shipping.

Kids Boots for Christmas

As parents, it probably goes without saying that you’re going to load up your little ones with toys this holiday season. Boy or girl, you’ll likely get them a wide range of toys that, after a few weeks, just end up strewn about the house. This is why grandmas are usually more practical and just get socks! Kids might not appreciate it, but they need socks for sure, and they’ll get ample use out of such a gift. Maybe you should meet grandma somewhere in the middle this year and go for some great footwear. Around this time of year, Shopping Blitz has some great deals on some pretty awesome footwear for the kids.

The Lil 8″ Western Boots by Durango are very fun, fashionable and functional, and something your kids might love. The great thing about these boots is that they’ll work for a little boy or a little girl. They have that sort of design. Though perhaps the best thing is that they’re very fun while also being real-deal, durable boots. They’re made with a full-grain leather upper, a hard rubber sole, and quality materials to keep the feet insulated and comfortable while wearing. With 8″ of protective shaft, these boots come up almost to the knees on kids, so they’re ideal for the snow. They’re tough as nails and will last until your little one outgrows them.

In a tan and black color with a western-themed etching on the side, these definitely look like real cowboy boots from over a hundred years ago. The boots themselves are available in sizes from 1.5 through 10, so they’re going to fit kids from around a toddler’s age up through 10 years old or so. Though a lot of that also depends on the size of your kids’ feet.

For a pair of boots like this from Durango that were built to last, the original price is $114.95. Though they’re on a sale for the holiday season right now and will only cost you $79.95, and this includes free shipping to your front door, guaranteed by Christmas if you act now.

Boots for Men in the Muck

Millions of men all around the nation, and all around the globe, work labor jobs in outdoor conditions that can sometimes get nasty. This work doesn’t stop just because it’s cold outside, snowy, wet and slushy. Men outdoors in this sort of weather don’t get to take a break. They have to bundle up, suck it up, and work for their paycheck. Luckily, however, there’s a site like Shopping Blitz out there, where everything you need to stay comfortable and safe in the roughest conditions can be easily found as is affordable.

The Chore XF Boots by Muck Boots definitely allow men to get down in the muck and to work without having to worry about their feet suffering the consequences. Typical work boots only protect the bottoms of the feet and the toes. Muck work boots actually come halfway up the calf and are entirely weather-proof. These boots are made out of a blend of neoprene and mesh, so the outsides repel the weather and water, while they’re also breathable, flexible and very strong. The 5mm neoprene is a tough substance that’s not going to puncture, rip or tear. The improved gusset construction makes them virtually indestructible.

A black upper with a gray foot, or a moss (tan/green) upper with the same are your color options. That’s because while these boots do look attractive, they were made for some very tough conditions, and aesthetics were secondary. They’re available in sizes from 7 through 15, so men with some pretty big feet can comfortable fit into these boots.

For $118.95, this is actually a steal at Shopping Blitz. Muck Boots are known as the cream of the crop for this genre of boots, and other locations will easily charge you $150 or more for them. Plus with Shopping Blitz, you get 100% free shipping with these boots.

All She Wants for Christmas

Whether it’s your mother, sister, aunt, girlfriend, wife, daughter, or any other woman in your life, if she’s important to you then you’re likely already thinking about what to get her this holiday season. Getting your loved one the right gift is a careful blend of what she wants and expects, vs. what you can actually find in stock and afford to spend. Luckily for you, Shopping Blitz has quite a few items that really nail all of these criteria. You can get her something she wants and pick it up for a price that you can actually afford to pay. It’s really that simple.

One of the best items in stock right now would be the Climawarm Nuvic Jacket by Adidas Sport Performance. Known primarily as a shoe company, Adidas has been making quality gear for generations. This particular jacket, with a parka cut, features a 80% duck down and 20% feather fill. This mean she gets a thick, warm, durable jacket that doesn’t actually weigh much at all. The heat-sealed polyester material here goes even farther to improve the warmth, so this jacket becomes something a woman can wear in the most bitter of cold temperatures. It has a full zip front, side pockets, a media channel pocket, and is even waterproof.

This hooded parka-style down-filled jacket is definitely gorgeous, and the best part is that you can get it in a wide range of colors, so picking out her favorite color shouldn’t be an issue. You have a classic black color, as well as raw green, red night, and a grey two (like a light heather). Sizing options run from extra small through extra large.

Adidas is a top-shelf brand, and this is a high-quality coat, so on some sites you might be looking at upwards of $200. Though on Shopping Blitz, it’s available for only $149.00, and with this you’ll also receive free shipping and won’t have to spend anything extra.

A New Type of Women’s Boots

One of the biggest reasons that anyone does their shopping via the Internet is that there are just so many more options available to you than going to conventional stores. While this gives you a much broader range from which to choose, it also has the added benefit of allowing you to find items you never knew existed otherwise. For women who want some great, stylish boots around this time of year, online shopping via a site like Shopping Blitz can really pay off. Not only can you find all of those stylish items that you’ve never before seen, but you can get them for a very low price that will help you save some money.

There’s a very stylish, luxurious pair of boots out there for women, made by The North Face, called the Thermoball Microbaffle II Boots. While it might be a weird name, the boots make perfect sense, with their recycled ripstop outers, Primaloft Thermoball insulation, and a cushioned EVA midsole. They’re also very durable on the outside, so you can wear them in the elements and bitter cold and your feet will stay protected. They were crated with water-resistant materials that shed and deflect the snow. In terms of looks, you have a leather-looking upper (ripstop) with some faux fur up top to really give them a very stylish appearance.

You can get these boots in two very sleek and stylish color combinations. The first is a shiny TNF black with a smoked pearl gray, and the second is a frost gray with an evening sand pink. In terms of sizes, women from around size 5 through 11 can easily find a boot that fits well. Keep in mind that boots are typically roomier than shoes.

The price tag is where Shopping Blitz really stands out above the competition. $100 or more on most sites, and typically $89.95 at Shopping Blitz, you get a great deal just in time for the holidays, with these boots only costing $58.95, and that price even includes shipping.

A New Stylish Take on Men’s Boots

Harley Davidson is best known for their tough, rugged motorcycles that just scream masculinity. Sure, any lady out there can own anything from Harley, but this brand has man written all over it. And when some men find out that Harley Davidson also makes clothing items, they’re very excited to check out what they have in stock. Well, instead of having to search around for the best that Harley has to offer, you can simply stop by Shopping Blitz to find what you need all neatly arranged for you. This also includes some boots, which are great items to check out during this time of year.

The Baxter Sneakers by Harley Davidson are about as rugged as you get for a sneaker, and that’s because they’re basically constructed like durable boots, only they’re made with thinner, lighter material that qualifies as a sneaker. These classic high-top sneakers really evoke the air of a Chuck Taylor, but they’re most distinctively Harley shoes due to the textured leather used and the skull logo on the side. The textile lining provides comfort and strength, and the rubber outsole is as durable as you can get. The shaft height is 4.5 inches, with a 1-inch heel. They’re definitely some fierce footwear for the winter.

The black and white color is your only option here, but for most men that’s perfectly okay. The light-black soles with the white pinstripe and rich black upper leather is really something to behold. You also have black laces, so altogether this shoe just ends up looking great. In sizes from 7 through 13, this shoe is going to fit men of a wide range of sizes.

The price here is only $64.95, which is very cheap considering that these Harley shoes are made out of real leather. Best of all, you get the shoes mailed directly to your door without having to pay any extra charge for shipping.

A Great Gift Idea for Her

Now that we’re right on the holiday season, there are millions of men out there frantically searching for items to buy their mothers, daughters and significant others. It’s not so much that women are hard to shop for; it’s more that you’re inundated with options and really don’t know which sort of item to pick. Well, if you’re a man out there stressing out from anxiety, or just a woman who wants to buy herself something special, just know that Shopping Blitz really makes it easy for you and streamlines the process, offering you the best clothing items for prices you can afford.

Take the Primal Scattered Flowers Carefree Long Sleeve Pocket Tee as a great example. This item is from Life is Good, and they’re known for creating some of the best tops around. This particular women’s top is created with a slub fabric that drapes over the body for the ultimate in comfort and style. It has a deconstructed back seam for a better fit and an aesthetic pop that’s unique. Made out of cotton, modal and spandex, this is a very unique fabric that feels great and also fits great. The ribbed slub fabric looks very textured and distressed, like you’re wearing something truly high-fashion that cost hundreds of dollars. The white flowers on the wild cherry color also really pop.

Wild cherry, with the white flowers, is the only color combination in which this shirt is available, but sizing is a different story entirely. Life is Good really makes sure they cover a very broad range of women, so you can find this shirt in sizes from extra small all the way up through 2XL.

For a long-sleeve shirt that’s very light yet very warm and uses the unique slub material, $41.95 is an absolute steal. Throw in the fact that you also get free shipping on this item, and it becomes clear that Shopping Blitz really helps you to save a lot of money.