Perfect Jeans for Work or Play

Men, more than anyone, tend to focus on finding a rugged, durable, lasting pair of jeans. They don’t typically worry about high or low-waisted options, or how they make the butt look, or even concern themselves too much with color schemes. For most men, it’s all about a pair of jeans that can hold up to the everyday rigors of life, like working hard and playing hard. So when you need a pair of jeans that can truly hold up to your lifestyle, there’s no better place to look than at Shopping Blitz. This is where you can find excellent jeans for an affordable price.

The Worker Relaxed Fit Jeans by DC offer something a little different than jeans you’ll find elsewhere. Most men’s blue jeans are made out of denim. And while this is a tough material, it’s not really known for its comfort; plus once you tear them, they’re basically toast. DC does things differently with their relaxed fit jeans by making them out of 100% high-quality cotton. So not only are they lighter, more flexible and feel a lot better, but they also end up being tougher. This is because they can actually flex and move with you instead of staying rigid like denim jeans.

These are actually a lightweight jean that can hold up to some heavy-duty activity, and that’s because of the thickness and quality and flexibility of the cotton itself. They’re a basic five-pocket style jean, with a lower inseam and relaxed fit that makes for ample crotch and thigh room. They also have a flexible waistband, so if you break off your routine and eat a little too much around the holidays, they’re very forgiving jeans. They’re available in sizes from 28 to 38 in men’s.

DC is a pretty good brand, especially when it comes to durable men’s clothing, and so you might be looking at $70 or more for these jeans. What Shopping Blitz does differently than some other sites, though, is to help you save money without sacrificing the quality items you want. So right now on Shopping Blitz, these jeans from DC are only $59.95, and you can save even more with free shipping.

Brian Hendrix

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