Picking Up a Parka

There are millions of people out there who live in parts of the nation that get a whole lot colder during the winter than those southern states do. In fact, more than half of the country deals with winters that can be brutally cold and bring a lot of nasty elements. This means that for many of you, buying a long-sleeve shirt or a little windbreaker just isn’t enough to fight against the coming cold. Many people are going to be looking for thicker, heavier jackets for the winter, and Shopping Blitz definitely has a wide range of items that you’re sure to love.

The Climawarm Parka Jacket by Adidas Sport Performance is really about as good as you get for a quality parka. The parka’s signature is a long jacket that’s thick and warm and durable, usually stuffed with Down, and is built to hold up to the weather. This Adidas jacket in particular has a waterproof shell, a moisture-wicking lining, and is filled with 90/10 Duck Down for all the warmth you could need. The insulation is light and breathable, so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a very heavy coat. It simply keeps you protected against the elements. The two hand pockets zip up to keep your items safe, the hood is adjustable, and even the cuffs are adjustable to help you keep the weather out.

You can grab this jacket in two colors. The first is a light greenish color, called trace cargo; the second is a solid black that’s glossy, deep and rich. Both versions of the jacket are the same, giving you hand warmer pockets and plenty of points of adjustment to keep you protected. Sizes in this jacket run from small all the way up through 3 XL, so it’s going to fit practically any man out there. Being a men’s jacket per cut, women can also wear this parka if they choose.

Adidas is a seriously underrated company when it comes to clothing like this. Most people know their shoes, but their clothing is just as good. This jacket will run you $229.00 on Shopping Blitz, which is actually a great deal considering what it costs elsewhere. To top it off, you’ll get free shipping on this item too.

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