Quality Men’s Boots for Winter

Speaking about men on the whole, they typically put a lot more wear and tear on their footwear than women. Most studies suggest that men work tougher jobs, and of course during the cold-weather season they’re typically the gender tasked with shoveling out driveways and suchlike. This is why men seek out tougher boots around this time of year. They want boots that are warm, that can stand up against the harsh water, and that can last. This is also why many of these men are turning to Shopping Blitz, in order to find the best in men’s footwear and the toughest boots on the market, for a fair price.

The North Face is a pretty solid company for rugged, durable outdoor wear, and the Chilkat Nylon Waterproof Boots they make are ideal for men who need a little something stronger to wear. These boots were constructed with a waterproof system in mind to keep out the wet elements like snow. They even feature a Winter Grip TNF sole that will help keep traction, and the nylon outers are going to hold up to the elements well. Inside of the boots, you have a fleece lining that’s warm and soft, a compression-molded EVA midsole, and foam inserts to keep your feet comfortable. Even the lacing hardware is rust-proof, so you know these boots were made for the outdoors.

You can get these boots in a scheme of tarmac green and beech green, which looks like something the military would wear. Or if you prefer a sleeker, darker style, then you can get them in black, TNF black, which looks really fierce and strong, with different shades of black. Sizes go from about 7 to 14, though check in to date for your size specifically.

Although these boots offer so much and are definitely quality, Shopping Blitz has still slashed the price here from over $100 down to only $67.95. Though just when you think that deal couldn’t get any sweeter, you’ll also receive free shipping, saving you even more money.


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