Rugged Boots For Work or Play

We’re currently experiencing the perfect time of year in North America for a very wide assortment of activities. Hiking, watching the leaves change, going to orchards and fruit-picking, and we’re even brushing up against the coldest months where many of us will start sledding and building snowmen with the kids and have some snowball fights. In other words, the colder months are upon us, and if you’re a guy who doesn’t yet have a pair of boots, this is something you’re going to want to fix right away, before it gets too cold and before the best items are simply sold out. This is where dropping by a site like Shopping Blitz can get you perfectly set up for the coldest months ahead, while also allowing you to save money.

One of the best pair of boots you’re going to find anywhere online this year is the 6” Sport Plain Toe Boots by Thorogood. Not only are these leather boots gorgeous and comfortable, but they’re also incredibly warm and rugged. They’re really the perfect boot for practically any occasion. They look great and could be worn in even a formal setting, with their deep black walnut leather upper. Though with tough soles and plenty of traction, these boots are also great for hiking. Thick leather and molded seams make them great for working also. Basically, if you need a boot, for any activity or any season, this Sport boot by Thorogood is probably a good option to pick up.

This isn’t some new-age construction that throws polyester into everything for a cost savings. What you’re looking at here is old-world classical leather. You have full grain oil-tanned leather here that’s thick and durable and looks incredibly attractive. The Storm Welt lining from Goodyear also keeps your foot dry and wicks away moisture, while enabling your foot to stay incredibly warm no matter what sort of terrain you’re dealing with.

As you may have figured out already, a boot with this sort of style and quality isn’t available for very cheap. It’s a boot that’s going to cost a pretty penny. However, when you choose to go through Shopping Blitz for your purchase, there are a whole lot of pennies to be saved! This boot is going to cost $213 or more elsewhere, though on Shopping Blitz it’s available for a huge savings, costing only $149.77.

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