Rugged, Comfortable Work Boots

Most men who work tough jobs know full well that words like rugged and comfortable don’t typically belong in the same sentence. For instance, if you were to purchase a rugged pair of work jeans, you could expect them to be stiff and rigid. And while they lasted a long time and held up to the job, thus being worth the investment, they’re still not very comfortable. Shopping Blitz can connect you right now with work boots that are incredibly rugged and strong while also being supremely comfortable.

Georgia and their Comfort Core Logger Comp Toe Waterproof 9″ Boots change the game by giving you composite-toe boots that can withstand the toughest environments while being as comfortable to your feet as a pair of cushioned orthopedic shoes. It’s all about the Comfort Core insole used here, which is like a pillow of air. The outsides of these boots are full-grain leather that have been treated to provide a waterproof coating. They’re tall and provide ample ankle protection. The composite toe also works well to help you stave off potential injury.

The color of these boots is absolutely fantastic for lovers of classic leather. It’s that deep, rich, dark brown that’s so synonymous with leather. Along with nickel lace eyelets and black laces, these boots look great. You can pick them up in sizes from a 9 in men’s up through a 13, so they cover a range of foot sizes.

These are top-shelf boots that were made to perform the toughest jobs on the planet while keeping your feet comfortable, so having to pay around $300 is common on most sites. Shopping Blitz used to sell them for $249, until the price was slashed and the boots are now available for only $199.95, including free shipping.

Brian Hendrix

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