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Along with being an eight-time Grammy Award winner and the top selling digital artist of all time, Rihanna is a style icon who recently teamed up with Stance Socks to create her own line of signature socks. Rihanna, who is notorious for her edgy streetwear and glamorous red carpet looks, is Stance’s latest spokesperson – or “Punk and Poet” as the brand likes to call it – and contributing creative director. Rihanna’s partnership with Stance is sure to transform socks from an everyday essential we don’t think about into a fashion accessory we can’t live without.

To celebrate the collaboration, Stance Socks has launched a limited-edition “Murder Rih Wrote” collection of crew-cut and over-the-knee socks for men and women, which are available at Shopping Blitz.  The socks display “Murder Rih Wrote” in newsprint typography and feature horror movie poster art. Several other collections from Rihanna are still in the works, and the label plans to release 18 more styles in September and a holiday collection in November.

Candy Harris, the vice president of the Stance Socks women’s division, spoke to Vogue about the collaboration:

“I know a lot of people are probably saying ‘Why socks?’ And that’s really the beauty of it,” Harris said, “and that’s why Rihanna’s perfect, because she’s constantly innovating and looking to see what’s next. Socks are not really a trend; they’re a fashion staple.”

If anyone can make socks a fashion accessory to think about, it’s definitely Rihanna. Just by looking at the first collection, you can tell that Rihanna’s sock styles are certainly an exciting and bold accessory that can transform any ordinary outfit into a fashion statement.

Stay tuned for Rihanna’s soon-to-be-released collections, and in the meantime, visit to shop for clothes and Stance socks online. Check back at next month to view her other great collections.



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