Shopping Blitz Donates Shoes To A Worthy Cause

We all have used and last season shoes and clothing sitting in our closets taking up space. Instead of praying for more room or forcing bags onto unsuspecting friends, we have a better solution. Every few months the employees at Shopping Blitz and their friends, do a much needed closet purge for a good cause. There a plenty of places to donate or even sell your used goods but we endorse Soles4Souls for so many reasons.

S4S Donation

First of all Soles4Souls is a non-profit dedicated to fighting poverty all over the world, through the distribution of used clothing and shoes. They distribute the donations in two ways. Most new items collected from corporations and retailers are given directly to people in need, in the U.S. and around the globe. The second is they offer used goods for sale to micro-enterprises who use the profits to support low-income economies. So whether you are donating new or used goods, people who really need it are benefiting. Sounds a lot better than letting your old favorites collect dust doesn’t it?


hugh sinclair

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