Shopping for Winter in the Summer

One of the most underrated aspects of summer shopping is that you can actually handle your winter shopping a lot easier around this time of year. For example, if you’re looking to buy cold-weather clothing in December, not only is it harder to find items in stock, but you will also probably be paying more money to get what you want. Stores still need to move their winter products in summer, and so they’re offering these products for lower rates, plus you’ll be able to find more of what you want. So, for instance, if you’d like to get a great winter beanie for a lower cost, you might want to stop by at Shopping Blitz.

The Gordon Beanie hat is the quintessential cold-weather beanie, make no mistake about it. It’s not anything you’d wear in the summer. Though with more in stock and a lower price, it is something worth buying right now. It’s made out of an acrylic and polyester blend, giving you thick stitching on a hat that’s guaranteed to keep out the cold. It’s also very attractive. It’s a striped design, featuring a lot of different colors, and it has that classic ball at the top, which works very well, even though this is a men’s beanie.

Speaking of men’s, this isn’t anything that’s set in stone. It’s still just a beanie, and any woman can easily wear this item too. It is made to fit a person’s head, so it doesn’t have any gender per se; it’s just marketed in the men’s category per the manufacturer. Overall, however, this is an attractive, warm, comfortable beanie that’s available for a great price right now.

The Gordon Beanie is only going to run you $25.95 on Shopping Blitz, and that even includes free shipping. So while many sites are charging you much more for the product, and including shipping costs, Shopping Blitz slashes their prices and does things differently.

Brian Hendrix

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