Something Fancier for the Fall

If you were to survey a group of thousands of men out there, asking about what types of clothing they wear, the vast majority would come back with answers like t-shirts and jeans and sneakers; you know, the simpler stuff. Most men have very simplistic tastes when it comes to clothing, which is why the vast majority of clothing items you find for men are of the simpler variety. However, there does exist a subset of men who prefer to be very stylish and fancier in their clothing options, and for those sorts of men, Shopping Blitz definitely has a lot of items from which you can choose, especially for the fall season.

The Retro Dress Boots by Giorgio Brutini stand as a prime example of men’s shoes that add a huge splash of fashion and flair to the everyday wardrobe. This is a pair of boots from an Italian designer, and they’re every bit as old-school Italian as you could ever want. They look like something popular in New York or Chicago in the 1930s. They’re made out of a full-grain leather for the outsoles, that’s polished to a glossy perfection. The tapered, pointed toes just really finish off that retro aesthetic very nicely. They even have overlaying seams and a full zipper up-side for comfort and increased style.

These boots have an amazing color to them. Although they’re listed as black, and certainly look black, they have this gorgeous, glowing silver shimmer to them when the light hits them directly, which makes them look even more stunning. You can grab them in men’s sizes from 6 all the way up through 15, so they’re going to fit practically any foot, plus they’re very wide.

For a retro pair of boots like this, $120 seems like a low price tag, and would still be a solid deal. However, you won’t pay close to that through Shopping Blitz. These boots are only $86.52 and you even get free shipping on the item.

Brian Hendrix

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