Spring Is In The Air

There are many women out there who love this particular time of year. Not so much because of the frosty weather turning into rainy, cloudy weather; but more because it’s that in-between phase of the seasons where it’s time to start shopping for clothing more appropriate for spring and summer. This is when a lot of locations start offering you the best details on items using less cloth. This is when Shopping Blitz in particular really rolls out some great deals that women across the nation can appreciate. So if you need something fun, flirty, stylish and unique, there’s only one place to shop.

The Core Flare 15″ Skort from Fila is a fantastic hybrid shorts-skirt combination that looks incredibly sleek and stylish while also maintaining modesty. It’s a 15″ skirt that looks flirty enough, but there are a pair of shorts underneath, so you get to maintain full coverage at all times. For athletes, this is the ideal skirt for women playing tennis or other activities. This polyester-spandex blend skort fits the form very well while also being very tough and able to hold up to activity. The moisture-wicking fabric also keeps you cool and dry. With the skort, you really get the best of both worlds: The look of a skirt with the protection and coverage of shorts.

One aspect of this Fila skort that women seem to like the best is that it’s available in a multiple range of color options. You have black, crimson, white, navy, peacoat, and more. Fila is also famous for making women’s clothing that can actually fit the bodies of a broader range of women. This skort comes in sizes from extra small through 2 XL, so it’s going to cover most women.

That, of course, only leaves the price point. On a lot of competitor sites, you may find this item hovering around $30 or $40. On Shopping Blitz, however, you will find that this skort is available for the low price of only $19.95. For such a quality piece, this price is truly a steal.

Brian Hendrix

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