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As many women who shop for a lot of clothing can attest, one of the negatives about shopping for cold-weather clothing in the fall and winter is that oftentimes these clothing items can be rather uncomfortable. Thick, woolen sweaters and other garments that were made a lot bulkier to block out the cold aren’t always necessarily the best-feeling items against the skin. Nor are they often flattering. Well, this is why a lot of women have opted instead for long-sleeve shirts instead of big, thick sweaters. They protect you while allowing you to layer, so the base stays really smooth and soft on the skin. Shopping Blitz definitely have a few of these items from which women can choose.

Enter the Every Day is Thanksgiving Long Sleeve Crusher Tee. Obviously one might think of this as strictly a novelty item, with the Thanksgiving message, but as a long-sleeve shirt it really holds up well to the entire season. That’s because it was made out of a jersey cotton that was pre-washed for softness, and the knit is so tight and compact that the cold just doesn’t get through. So you get all the comfort you expect from cotton, while getting extra warmth from the shirt. It has a classic fit that just skims over the body for the ultimate in comfort, with broader shoulders and a tapered fit at the waist to give a great boost to a woman’s natural figure.

Available in a darkest blue color with a sleek and stylish v-neck and off-white lettering, this shirt definitely stands out in a crowd. Although it’s a shirt for women, the sizing chart here still really includes a whole lot of body shapes and sizes, with sizes from small up through 3 XL. Any woman can find the right fit here.

One of the biggest benefits you get from shopping with Shopping Blitz is that the items have a lower price tag. This shirt, for instance, will only run you $29.95. And if that deal wasn’t sweet enough, keep in mind that you’ll also get free shipping on this item.

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