Stocking Up Winter Gear in the Summer

For almost everyone throughout America right now, it’s muggy and hot, as we’re in the throes of summer. So when someone’s trying to tell you about a winter beanie, you might want to instantly close the page. However, now is actually the perfect time of year to think about winter gear. Not only can you find exactly what you want in stock at stores, but you’ll also save money, as those stores are still trying to move those products in the summer. Take the selection of beanies at Shopping Blitz as a great example of this.

One such beanie available for a great price right now is the Knit Beanie with Contrast Stripe and Anchor by The San Diego Hat Company. This beanie was hand-knitted from 100% acrylic material, so it’s warmer, stronger and more flexible than other typical yarn like wool, cotton and nylon. It’s a stylish piece that protects women from the colder elements while also looking very cute, a perfect item for a ski trip or just a day out in the cold.

This is definitely a very flexible piece, so it’s available in a one size fits all size, which does manage to fit almost every woman just fine. The beanie is available in multiple solid colors, broken up at the bottom with one long white stripe, and the company’s anchor logo in the corner.

Of course, now is not the time of year that people will want to start wearing beanies. It’s just too hot out there. However, it’s the perfect time to get a great discount on beanies that are otherwise going to cost a lot more in the winter, plus you might not find the styles and sizes you want. So for right now on Shopping Blitz, this beanie from the San Diego Hat Company is available for only $29.95, and that includes free shipping.

Brian Hendrix

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