Stormy Kromer Benchwarmer Mittens

As most in North America are well aware, once Labor Day hits, you know it’s all downhill from there and winter is well on its way. So when you stop by a site like Shopping Blitz, you can rest easy knowing that they already have huge swaths of winter merchandise that are priced fairly and at deep discounts. One such item would be the Benchwarmer mittens by Stormy Kromer. Not only will this item help to keep your hands warm on those blistery winter days, but they’re also styled after some of America’s most famous collegiate and professional sports teams.


For instance, with these Stormy Kromer mittens, you can get styles like: Green and gold, like the Green Bay Packers; black and yellow like the Pittsburgh Steelers; orange and black like the Cincinnati Bengals; red and blue like the New England Patriots; and blue and yellow like the Michigan Wolverines; and more. Available in medium, large and extra-large, these mittens will fit pretty much any hand, and while they’re men’s items, per sizing, they can also fit women’s hands.

You might initially think that, since these are styled after famous football teams, then they’re just novelty items to be worn at your favorite games to keep your hands relatively warm. However, that’s not true at all about these mittens. Stormy Kromer makes serious winter-weather gear, and these mittens are no different. With an outer shell constructed of wool and nylon, and an inner lining that’s made of the softest sharpa, these mittens are not only incredibly comfortable but also seriously rugged. They’ll hold up in any weather and can be easily machined washed to last you year after year.

One of the best things about choosing Shopping Blitz is that these sorts of items are available all around the calendar year. So if you needed winter mittens over the summer, you could have found them for a great price. And now that we’re barreling toward winter quickly, you can find them at an even better rate, $27.99, marked down from $39.99. With a site like Shopping Blitz, you’d be hard-pressed to find quality items at a better price.

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