Mountain Hardwear: Stylish Looks for the End of Season

Currently it is the middle of March and winter is pretty much on its way out of the door. However, that still does not mean the cold and bitter chill are over yet. For most of the country, the cold weather will continue until about the end of April. What does this mean for your clothing shopping? Well, it means that while you can give up on purchasing those bulky jackets, big boots, and thermal socks, you still might be looking at weather that requires long sleeves. To find the best clothing on the market for late-winter and early spring, make sure you stop by Shopping Blitz to experience the full gamut of clothing options available to you.

The Outpost long sleeve shirt by Mountain Hardwear is a great shirt for this time of season in particular. Mountain Hardwear is a brand that manufactures clothing for an active lifestyle. In other words, if you like biking, hiking, jogging, sports, or any other activity, their clothing will fit very well and hold up to the wear-and-tear of activity. The same definitely holds true for the Outpost shirt. Made out of a cotton, polyester, and elastane blend, this material is rough and rugged while still looking attractive and still being able to block out the chilly winds. It might not be waterproof, but it will wick away the body moisture and keep you dry during activities.


A great aspect about this particular shirt is that you can pick it up in three separate colors. The first color is a stealth gray, which is close to a header gray and looks very attractive. The next color looks like a very soft bluish gray. Finally, zinc, which is like a very light salmon color, is really the perfect color for late March and early April. The shirt is also available in sizes from small all the way up through 2 XL, so it is going to fit most men of any size. The shirt has a classic look, featuring a chest pocket, elastic cuffs, and a performance stretch fabric that will hold up to regular machine washing and tumble drying.

Mountain Hardwear is a brand that does not pull any punches in the creation of its materials. They use the best possible fabrics that you can find, which means this is a top-shelf brand that is going to cost more then a lot of other brands out there. At most online outlets, you could be paying $100 or more for this shirt. At Shopping Blitz, however, you only be paying $80 for this shirt, plus all orders over $25 grant you free shipping, so this saves you even more money by choosing to stop in at Shopping Blitz.

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