Stylish School Pants for Her

All parents find out just how different boys and girls are, especially when they’re around school age. With boys, you can just make sure they’re clothed and send them off to school. They’re more worried about playing around with their friends anyway. Though with girls, they seem to get very particular, even from a young age, about what they’re wearing, the color of their clothing, and the styles. So it ends up being a lot harder to shop for little girls. You have to send them to school in clothing they actually like. This is where Shopping Blitz can help in a big way.

Take, for instance, the Ruffle Pants by Fila. Like a cross between some baggy dancing pants and leggings, these comfortable pants are cute as a button, fit very well, are modest and elegant, and even offer a flare of the whimsical, which younger girls typically adore. These pants are 95% polyester and 5% spandex, so they’re made to fit her body very well and to be flexible and durable. They’re also very cool and airy, able to help with airflow and to keep the temperature regulated. They have a drawstring and two side pockets, so they function like most other pairs of pants.

Fuchsia purple, imperial blue, black and white are the colors currently in stock for these pants, so act quickly if you want to find the perfect color for her. These pants are bright and bold, but they’re also made to fit young girls of any size. So you can find these pants ranging in sizes from 2 extra small, for very young and small girls, up to extra large, for larger and older girls.

For pants that are durable, flexible, fashionable and from a top-shelf brand like Fila, you actually won’t have to pay a small fortune to wear them. You can pick these pants up from Shopping Blitz for only $42.95, and to make that deal even sweeter, you will also receive free shipping on this item.

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