Summer Is Vintage and So Is Fila

Fila Vintage has over 100 years of history rolled up into its products. Its roots date back to 1911 where it originated from the textile mills of Biella in Northern Italy. Fila has become one of the powerhouses of the movement to reclaim vintage designs and it has been widely successful.

When the Fila brothers first opened in 1911 they had no idea how far their legacy would travel. The transformation into being a leading global designer has been one of continual evolution driven by the most successful designs.

Fila has long been known as a sporting brand. Famous for associating with champions of the sporting world from a variety of sports such as tennis, skiing, motor racing, golf, football, basketball and running. These athletes stand out in their areas for memorable achievements and also the unique Fila design they were closely associated with.

You will find the brand proudly worn on the backs of musicians, models and celebrity’s all over the world. These wearers enjoy the style and quality that Fila offers. You can also enjoy this quality and winning legacy.

Fila has enjoyed a special relationship with many remarkable athletes. Beginning with tennis greats Adrino Panatta, Paolo Bertolucci and the exceptional Bjorn Borg. The brand has had the fortune of helping extraordinary individuals accomplish some of the most iconic sports achievements. Fila as we know began in 1970, with the sponsorship of tennis legend Bjorn Borg. As Borg’s affinity grew with the brand over the years the styles changed with time, and varied from pinstripe, to squares, stripes and even the odd plain item. This has since been recreated in the fashion brand that is today known as Fila Vintage.


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