Lovely, Soft Feet

feet free stock photoEven though the summer is over (and it flew by so fast!), that’s no reason to neglect taking care of your feet. You might not be showing them off in sandals or flip flops for a few months, but I think we can all agree there’s nothing worse than rough skin rubbing against  your tights and socks. Also ugly feet are definite romance killers, if you know what I mean!

That said, it is, of course, easiest to go to the nearest salon and get a pedicure. However,  if money is tight or you just don’t feel like going out, let me tell you a little secret: you can do it yourself, for a few pennies and with just a wee bit of work.

The first thing you want to do is to make your very own, luscious scrub. It is easier than frying an egg or making lemonade! Just take a small bowl and mix together 1 tablespoon of baking soda, 1 tablespoon of brown sugar (or regular if that’s all you have) and 1 tablespoon of oil (if you want it extra luscious, use olive oil).

When done, take a good book, get a washbowl and fill it with warm soapy water and dunk your feet in. Enjoy this for 15 to 20 minutes, then wipe your feet with a towel and apply the home made scrub generously. Massage your feet in small circular motions for a few minutes. Rinse well, apply lotion and voila – lovely, soft feet!

This scrub can be used on elbows and knees too, but too harsh for face and softer body skin. Hope you enjoy!

Shopping Blitz: Travelogue 2013

Seems like everyone is trying to fit in last minute vacations lately. September is known for mild weather and cheaper prices and therefore our favorite time of year to travel! Vacation time is precious, especially for those of us in North America who try to dissolve a year’s worth of stress in one jam-packed week or extended weekend. The key to having a killer time is planning, planning, and more planning! Planning the perfect destination, excursions, budget and of course the all important packing list. Let us help with this last bit. With Shopping Blitz’s wide range of products it is your perfect one-stop shop for all things travel. Check out a few real-life ensembles our Staffers chose for their late summer/early fall jaunts! Travelogue 2013

Day At The Lake:
Sanuk Yoga Serenity Flip-Flops

Hiking Trip:
Columbia Trail Turner Shell Jacket
Salomon X Over Ltr Sneakers
Ahnu Montara Boots

Night On The Town:
Earthies Veria Too Sandals
Oscar Blandi Hair Lift Thickening Strengthening Serum
Miracle Skin Transformer Heal Everything Balm

Celebrating Mom’s Individual Style

Moms with StyleFor over a year I have been working alongside two working moms. The experience has taught me that there is no one mom style. Moms come in so many different packages and each with their own fashion preferences. Some still rock the stilettos, not letting anything get in the way of them and high-fashion. Others prefer flats and clothes that can be thrown on and off; in the case of spit, throw up and any other gems their kids might throw at them. Still otDown With Mom Jeanshers are into a sporty and athletic style, for a quick trip to the gym in between pick-ups and drop-offs.
One of the few commonalities is that Moms want to look good just like everyone else.

At Shopping Blitz we have a saying around the office, ‘Down with Mom Jeans.’ We hate them that much. Non-flattering and with zero creativity, mom jeans are an ongoing joke and an insult to women everywhere. Mom’s are first and foremost women. In-touch styles, figure flattering cuts and silhouettes and the wow-factor still matter to them, maybe even more so than the single girl. Because they know what they want and have little patience for anything else. In that light, we SB style gurus dedicate this collection to fashionable Mom’s everywhere!

Featuring: Lole, Soft Style, Glam Glow, Fusion Beauty, Carve, Gianna Rose Atelier, Kenneth Cole Reaction

Manufacturer Spotlight: Caswell-Massey

I grew up in a house where things like decorative hand towels, fancy soaps and a spotless mirror were important. It was also a house that revered brands like Caswell-Massey, the elite of the elite in the hand soap and personal products industry. My mother treasured their gems like they were gold. She made it a point to instill me in the idea that its the details that really pull a thing off.

So when we acquired the Caswell-Massey brand, suffice it to say I was excited on a personal level. Opening the boxes and bottles and smelling the sweet smell of Almond, intoxicating scent of Sandalwood and the familiar notes of their Number Six line, reminded me why the brand had such success. Buying my own decorative soaps for the bathroom I realized that what makes a product timeless is in the details.

Some of my favorite products include:

The Almond & Aloe Hand Cream with Silk is a luxuriously rich, yet quickly absorbing natural hand cream. Silk protein makes hands silky to the touch, never greasy. Made with pure sweet almond oil, one of the most common essential oils used in skincare and aromatherapy because it adaptable for almost all skin types. It is rich in Vitamin E and has numerous moisturizing properties. Plus it smells awesome in the shower and doesn’t leave my skin feeling like a dried up cactus.

Elixir of Love Body Dust is the kind or product made for antique dressing tables and corsets made of lace. Caswell-Massey conjures the delicate beauty of its past with an exclusive women’s fragrance, based on centuries-old formula. It has a lightly floral fragrance, blending Jasmine, Lavender, Egyptian Musk, and Passionflower. Looking for something thats add class to sexy, this is it.

Great for sensitive skin the Goat’s Milk & Honey Soap is rich with proteins, mineral salts, vitamins and liposomes. The delicate honey fragrance works equally well on the body and face. Each soap comes individually wrapped and triple milled for a creamy lather, helping to restore skin’s natural beauty. Most of the time sensitive-skin types like myself miss out of the sweet-smelling treats of the bath product world. I look at this soap as a chocolate bar with no calories, a unicorn, aka a find in a million.