A Manly Point of View

As any loyal reader of this blog can attest, Shopping Blitz has the woman’s point of view down on lock. Our writers thus far have been of the feminine persuasion and while we consider ourselves enlightened divas; we think the way we do. No apologies, we like pretty things!


However,  it occurs to this humble fashionista that the male perspective must be shared! So I send this out as a PSA:  We apologize if we have neglected our male shoppers and vow to move forward with a heaping dose of testosterone. You may have noticed already that our Facebook page has taken a turn for the manly and for that we have to thank our newest addition to the staff. Motti Schleider.


Motti is a tech-whiz, music fiend, news hound and of course the Most Interesting Man in the World! Check in for a daily dose of his wisdom. He will be bringing you news, tips, stimulating facts and things just to make you smile, live from SB headquarters. Stay tuned, it’s about to get weird folks.


We like to hear ourselves type so we created a blog …

What started out as a dream and an empty warehouse, has evolved into a living, breathing, red stapler-stealing machine. We are still the goofy, immature, scooter-riding bunch of genius punks we ever were, but now we wear our adults hats with a little more style, wisdom and integrity.

We want to show you who we are, what we believe in, what we like and what we hope you will like too.


~ Happy Shopping from the Blitz