Camping 101: Unique Camping Tips & Featured Camping Accessories


Camping is a great outdoor activity people of all ages can enjoy. Whether you want a fun family trip or a couples’ weekend, camping lets you emerge yourself in the fresh air, nature and wildlife of the great outdoors. Despite the perks of spending time outdoors, some people miss the conveniences of home. However, by bringing along the right camping accessories and obeying these camping tips, you’ll be sure to make the most of your camping trip. With these tips, you’ll be able to lessen your load, forget about home, and spend your trip relaxing and enjoying yourself.

Camping Tips:

  • Don’t forget your hiking shoes – If you’re going camping, chances are you’ll be hiking. When hiking the trails, it’s important that you leave behind your ordinary sneakers and invest in a pair of durable hiking shoes. Columbia provides great hiking gear and shoes. Columbia hiking shoes are waterproof and rust resistant to ensure your feet stay cozy, dry and warm during your hike. They also provide ankle support to protect you on even the toughest terrains. For the best shoes and gear, buy your hiking shoes and clothing online.
  • Choose the perfect campsite – Before you pitch your tent, you need to find the right campsite. If you’re not at a campground with a reserved site, survey the landscape to find the perfect spot. Avoid making camp at the bottom of hills or valleys or in an area where they are dead trees, downed limbs and debris. While avoiding dead trees, look for an area that has as little bit of tree coverage, so that you will be covered in the event that it rains. Once you find the perfect spot to set up camp, you can pitch your tent over a tarp on a flat, soft soil.
  • Select the best tent – When choosing a tent, choose one that’s practical and suits your needs. If your tent is sleeping only 1 to 3 people, then bring along a smaller tent. Smaller tents are more flexible because they can fit better on limited campsites while leaving extra space for your other camping accessories. Also, choose a tent with double doors for extra ventilation and more room for movement.
  • Place your tent upwind – As you pitch your tent and set up camp, be aware of the direction of the wind. By placing your tent upwind from your campfire you won’t have smoke blowing toward your tent.
  • Try a hammock – If you’re a solo camper, you may want to consider a hammock instead of a tent. Hammocks can withstand a vast range of temperatures and weather conditions. They can be an efficient choice if your site has limited space.
  • Use a water filter – By bringing just a solo water bottle and a water filter, you can lessen your load and ensure you have clean water during your trip.