Incorporate Capezio Into Your Workout Routine

While the Capezio brand is best associated with dance, Capezio shoes and apparel can be used for much more than just dance. You can make your Capezio gear a part of your workout routine, especially for Pilates and Barre classes. Just like dance, these workouts require clothing and shoes that are comfortable and move with you and don’t hold you back. Capezio shoes and clothing are constructed using the latest technology and innovations and highest level of craftsmanship to bring you a product that’s comfortable, flexible, breathable and the perfect fit.

At Shopping Blitz, you can buy Capezio shoes and clothes online. Check out our featured products that you should incorporate into your Pilates and Barre classes and related workouts.

Women’s Capezio Juliet Leather Ballet Flats

The Women’s Capezio Juliet Leather Ballet Flats are perfect for Pilates and Barre classes. These ballet flats are made of soft, durable sheepskin glove leather. The patented diamond gusset provides a seamless, sculpted arch, while the moisture absorbent brushed polyester and cotton lining delivers better floor feel. These ballet flats also feature a split sole design, precision trimmed forefoot padding, contoured and durable chrome tanned suede sole patches, and pre-attached crisscross elastics.

The Juliet Leather Ballet Flats are extremely comfortable and supportive and will keep your feet happy and protected during your workout class. They are available in black, light pink and rose quartz. Retails for $35.50.

Women’s Capezio Dance Sculpture II Ballet Flats

The Women’s Capezio Dance Sculpture II Ballet Flats are also a great choice for Pilates and Barre classes. These ballet flats feature an ultra-soft stretch canvas, split sole design, and contoured suede sole and heel patches. Their stretch and return capability with true stretch provides ample room for foot articulation, while the elasticized top line and drawstring deliver wrinkle-free conformance.

The Dance Sculpture Ballet Flats are available in black, nude and pro pink. Retails for $27.62.

Caution: Shopping Blitz Showroom is UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

We’ve decided it’s time for change. Renovations to improve your shopping experience are underway at our showroom store in Union, NJ! Here’s a sneak-peek at what’s in store:

Better Layout. More space and less clutter is our goal and so far, it’s looking good! Wall space is being properly utilized to make items easily accessible while allowing breathing room as you walk around.

Photo 1

More Brands! We still have the classics – our Life is good tees and Columbia jackets are still in full display, but soon you’ll be able to shop our New Balance wall and Dakine backpack section as well! Furthermore, our sales department is working feverishly to bring in the greatest brands out there. Be on the lookout for the latest brands added to also be displayed in our showroom!

Dance Section. Calling all dancers, gymnasts, and cheerleaders! We’re soon to become your go-to place for dance and activewear products! With the recent launching of brands Body Wrappers  and Motionwear – and let’s not forget our pioneer Capezio in the forefront, we’re stocking our show room with more options than ever before! Leotards, tights, and dance shoes will be on display soon for customers that wish to see the products before they buy.

Photo 2

A special “Thank You” to our fellow SB staff, Jill & Bern for turning our vision into a reality! Don’t be shy! Come on in and take a look, but please pardon our appearance as we continue to make Shopping Blitz your #1 choice for clothing and lifestyle products!

Shopping Blitz Uses Real Models for New Photo Campaign

Capezio Group Shot2

Recently Shopping Blitz partnered with dance students from a local dance studio, Dance Impressions, for a photo shoot showcasing real girls wearing Capezio products. The point of the campaign was to showcase real dancers in products we sell, rather than professional models. Not only does it make it easier to shop when you get a more realistic idea of what a product will look like but we also think it’s important to feature the dancers behind the gear.

Solo Shot

Victoria Vergel shows off her perfect posture.
Photo courtesy of Jeremy Gordon.

The dancers, ages ranging from 12-17, brought a sense of professionalism and maturity to the shoot far exceeding our expectations. These girls dance almost every day and we got a behind the scenes look at what it really takes to compete. It takes commitment and long days. When most kids are home goofing off, these girls have had to learn how to balance school work and dance obligations. Their mothers were also an inspiration to us. Dance Moms know what support truly means, spending hours upon hours transporting their daughters to and from practice and competitions. Suffice it to say we are humbled and proud to showcase these girls on our website.








Saved By The Bell: Back 2 School Essentials

It’s that time again, the season dreaded by children and teachers around the globe. Back to school! Those frenzied days when flip-flops and swimsuits are traded in for backpacks, loafers and binders. We feel your pain and while we’d love to hold onto summer as long as we can it’s time to plan for fall.

You Are Never To Old To Rock A Cool Backpack

My favorite consolation as a kid when school shopping was the chance to pick out a brand backpack. Each year I’d choose a different style to match my new persona. Which of course had changed drastically during the summer months. The only thing that never changed was that it had to be a JanSportThat being said I got a huge kick when I realized that JanSport was still rocking the backpack world and creating cooler and funkier designs than ever before. Because let’s face having the right backpack really can make the difference between social escalation and isolation, in other words sitting at the cool kid’s table or being regulated to no man’s land next to the bathroom.

The Right Footwear Can Make The Difference

So many kids and parents focus more on clothing and forget the importance of footwear. The right shoes can help a kid make the soccer team, strut their stuff in the hallways and often garner the confidence to create lasting friendships. My go-to choice for versatile footwear are styles that can be dressy, sporty and casual. New trends this year include hi-top sneakers and tall lace-up boots. And don’t forget to include feel-good accessories like funky socks and killer headphones for listening to your ready-made back to school playlists.


From Top Right:  1. Fila Hi Triple Sneakers  2. JanSport Superbreak Backpacks  3. Diadora Beanie 4. Dingo 9″ Boots 5. The House of Marley Rise Up Over-Ear Headphones

6. JanSport Tulare Backpacks  7. Stance Blondie Socks 8. Stance Screaming Hand Socks  9. Capezio New York Arglye Thigh Hi Socks

Product Spotlight: Dr. Martens Marie Pumps

Dr. Martens‘ Posie collection was created to give it’s owners a lightweight pump perfect for the summer. But I don’t listen to so-called fashion rules and neither should you. I wear what I want when I want. I see no reason why I cannot layer under these beauties and carry them into the fall. Coupled with some knit or cabled tights from Capezio and you will be set for an adventure in any season.

The Marie Pumps come in several colors, and while I am partial to Blueberry & Blackcurrant they are all functional and fabulous in their own ways. A slip-on shoe that can hold its own with a pair of blue jeans or under a skirt or dress. It is versatile and stylish while allowing the wearer the ability to express their individuality.

Fall Darkness is Upon Us

Each new season brings with it exciting new color pallets and cuts, accessories and must haves. Here is our take on the designer catwalks, which we hope will advise you on the styles to come for the upcoming Fall season.

One of the most important trends seen on the runways is the overall use of dark colors. The designers have fallen in love with the goth look, and given us the darkest blacks they could muster on both clothes and shoes. For those who think black is a Karl Lagerfeld signature and not to be taken lightly; dark purples, reds and blues are a few more colorful options.

What covers our bodies is foremost, an over-sized coat, jacket or a sweater. As big as you feel comfortable with, in black preferably, but a nice camel tone might be just the thing if you are looking to cheer up the overall look. One other silhouette to keep in mind is the accentuated waist, sometimes exaggerated to the extreme by additional padding of the hip area. If you are naturally curvaceous that might not be necessary, just show off your assets!

The rest of the ensemble should be fitting, with pants cut of above ankle and skirts mini. You should also try to incorporate at least one fall piece made of luscious brocade or satin with embellishment to your wardrobe, and the brave among us may splurge on a nice pantsuit in the luscious fabric. Leather is taking center stage as well, be it real or fake, and get a jacket – or pants, why not? If you are not as bold, you can always add a leather accent to your wardrobe, like a great high boot or an over-sized bag.

Something is to be said about matching ups and downs this fall, as the runways were full of matching pants and shirts, skirts and jackets. We are not talking about color blocking, but pattern mania, that seems to have taken over even the tamest of designers. Tip: Just make sure it matches.

One last thought that was obvious to the fashion-show goers is the fur. Again, fake or real, it’s up to you, but don’t think donning your mother’s fur coat is going to do the trick. Fur is used as an accent, be it a shawl or a cuff on the shirt, some have made their trimmings fur, the others whole sleeves. The same goes for booties and bags, they have been enveloped in fur and are being worn with pride.

Aside from the fur and the leather accents, shoes on the runways tend to be too high-heeled for a working girl to wear, so your better bet would be to get a more reasonable heel – or a flat – with some studs. Booties are also one of the staples of fall, and were seen with wedge heels, which are more comfortable to wear anyhow. If you are a lover of high boots, be our guest, it is only going to add to your fall glamor.