Holiday Gift Guide Part 1: Dancers & Yogis

holiday gift guide

With Black Friday just three days away, the official start of the holiday shopping season is just around the corner. While you may have already begun your holiday shopping, you probably still have a number of things left on your list. With our handy gift giving guide, you can find something great for the whole family. In the first installment of our holiday gift guide, we are sharing our favorite gifts for dancers and yogis. These gifts are perfect for the seasoned dancer and yogi, as well as beginners who want to be more active.

Top Gifts for Dancers

Capezio Bunhead Muscle and Joint Gel

Capezio Muscle and Joint Gel

Capezio’s Bunhead Muscle and Joint Gel effectively relieves dancers of the sore muscles and aching joints they endure from a long day of dancing. Formulated with Hawaiian seaweeds, willow bark extract and other minerals and essential oils, this pain relieving gel contains anti-inflammatory properties to sooth aches and pains and stimulate cell turnover. To use it, simply spread the gel on sore muscles and joints. Wrap the affected area with a cloth for a therapeutic treatment, or massage it until dry. Retails for $21.47.

Bloch Amalgam Leather Dance Sneakers

Bloch Amalgam Leather Dance Sneakers

The Bloch Amalgam Leather Dance Sneaker is a must-have dance shoe. A hybrid between a jazz shoe and dance slipper, the Amalgam dance sneaker is designed for advanced and novice dancers alike. The ultra-lightweight, flexible design allows dancers to move more freely, while the breathable mesh paneling and odor-resistant Dri-lining keeps feet dry and comfortable. Other key highlights include the slip-on style and intelligent lacing system and the non-marking thin split rubber traction sole. Retails for $52.00.

Capezio Asymmetrical Zipper Jacket

Capezio Asymmetrical Zipper Jacket

Do you know someone who could use a comfortable and stylish dance jacket to wear to and from rehearsal? The Capezio Asymmetrical Zipper Jacket is the perfect solution! Designed with the active body in mind, this dance jacket features StudioDri technology— a quick drying performance material. Other amazing features include the mesh inserts, asymmetrical zipper, molded Capezio zipper pull and convenient thumb hole. Retails for $83.30.

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Top Gifts for Yogis

Manduka GO Free 2.0 Bag

Manduka GO Free 2.0 Bag
Manduka’s GO Free Bag is the ultimate gift for yogis. The bag is an innovative and functional hybrid of a backpack and mat carrier that combines comfort and convenience. The spacious main compartment offers a convenient and secure top-loading external pocket for up to an 85 mat, as well as a safely padded pocket for your laptop and external pockets for storing additional clothing and gear. This bag also features an air mesh padded back panel for extra comfort and a hidden side pocket for securely storing your phone. Made with weather and water resistant materials, this bag is perfect for someone who wants to take their yoga gear with them wherever they go. Retails for $120.00.

Ahnu Karma Flats

Ahnu Karma Flats

The Ahnu Karma slip-on flats effortlessly combine style and comfort to bring you a shoe that truly embodies yoga-chic. Made from soft, supple, full-grain leathers, these flats are travel-friendly and made for all day wear, whether you’re practicing yoga, traveling or running errands. The stretchy back heel delivers a secure yet comfortable fit, while also making them easy to pack. These flats also feature a sculpted EVA footbed wrapped in micro-fiber suede for additional softness and comfort. Retails for $89.95.

prAna Sutra Pants

prAna Sutra Pants

Great for yoga and climbing, the Sutra Pant from prAna becomes every man’s favorite pair of pants. Made from hemp, Lycra and recycled polyester, these pants are kind to you and the environment. The Sutra Pant offer a relaxed fit with wide legs, an inseam gusset, front pockets with a topstitch detail, and a drawstring waist. Retails for $69.95.

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5 Major Dance Class Essentials

It’s the beginning of fall, and while that means a return of school, fall leaves, and pumpkin-flavored everything, it also means a return of dance class season. Whether your dance class is about to start or just did and you’ve found that you’re woefully ill-equipped, you’ll need supplies, pronto! Ordering them online is the best way to get dance supplies quickly. But what should you buy? If you are relatively new to dance or simply haven’t had to buy the items yourself, you may not be sure what to prioritize. At Shopping Blitz, we’re here to help! Here are some of the absolute basics that you cannot do without:



Dance is an art form that involves your whole body, but most of the stress is placed on your feet – literally. Almost all of your movements are supported by your feet, and if your shoes aren’t up to the strain, your whole performance will suffer. If you’ve been dancing a while and have shoes that you trust that are well worn-in, great! However, there’s a big difference between worn-in and falling apart, and if you don’t think that your current pair will last the month, you need new shoes now.

Branching out to another style? Perhaps you’ve always been a ballet dancer and would like to add tap or jazz to your repertoire. Shopping Blitz has the best brands, like Bloch jazz sneakers, dance pumps, and ballet pointe shoes, to ensure that everything from practices to performances go well.


Having comfortable, appropriate clothing for dance is almost as important as having the right shoes. Clothing should ideally be stretchy, lightweight, and easy to move around in; pieces that are too heavy or tight can hamper your range of motion and make the performance of certain moves difficult. You also don’t want anything that you could easily get tangled in.

Depending on the type of dance you are involved in and the requirements of your individual class, the right kind of clothing can vary. For instance, jazz groups often have a bit more freedom to choose the style of clothing, whereas many ballet classes may require a black leotard and pink tights. Ask if your class has any specific restrictions or guidelines before making a purchase. Also, know your actual measurements so that you can choose the right sizes the first time.

Hair Accessories

hair accessories

Have you ever seen Center Stage? The movie is about a bunch of teenagers trying to get into an elite ballet academy, and one of the first things you notice is that all of the dancers have their hair up. The last thing you can afford when dancing is to have your hair getting into your face and disorienting you. Even putting it up in a standard ponytail can sometimes leave it whipping around into your eyes. With that in mind, we carry Capezio products like Bunheads hair nets, bobby pins and hairpins, jeweled clips and hairbands with flowers, and many more options to keep your face free!


Legwarmers may have become popular mainstream fashion items in the ’80s, but they actually serve a purpose in dance. If your muscles get too cold, they will be stiff and limit your movement and your ability to perform. If you are required to wear a leotard, legwarmers might make the difference during the cold winter months. Or perhaps you prefer dance shorts to pants that you have to change when you get too hot; you can easily remove legwarmers without the hassle if you get overheated during a warmup or rehearsal.

Toe Pads

No matter which dance style you perform, your feet will take a beating. One of the dangers of dancing with only shoes and hose is that there is very little to protect your feet from the rubbing that can occur. While this may not be a problem all the time, it can put a halt to your practice while your blisters heal, and can be a real issue during a performance when any irritation will limit you physically and only continue to get worse as you move. Toe pads can be worn underneath shoes and hose, and will protect your feet from the types of rubbing that can really hurt you and your dancing.

When shopping for dance shoes, clothes, and accessories online, keep your practical needs in mind. At Shopping Blitz, can get items to you quickly, and if you need to make any returns, it’s free and easy!


Caution: Shopping Blitz Showroom is UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

We’ve decided it’s time for change. Renovations to improve your shopping experience are underway at our showroom store in Union, NJ! Here’s a sneak-peek at what’s in store:

Better Layout. More space and less clutter is our goal and so far, it’s looking good! Wall space is being properly utilized to make items easily accessible while allowing breathing room as you walk around.

Photo 1

More Brands! We still have the classics – our Life is good tees and Columbia jackets are still in full display, but soon you’ll be able to shop our New Balance wall and Dakine backpack section as well! Furthermore, our sales department is working feverishly to bring in the greatest brands out there. Be on the lookout for the latest brands added to also be displayed in our showroom!

Dance Section. Calling all dancers, gymnasts, and cheerleaders! We’re soon to become your go-to place for dance and activewear products! With the recent launching of brands Body Wrappers  and Motionwear – and let’s not forget our pioneer Capezio in the forefront, we’re stocking our show room with more options than ever before! Leotards, tights, and dance shoes will be on display soon for customers that wish to see the products before they buy.

Photo 2

A special “Thank You” to our fellow SB staff, Jill & Bern for turning our vision into a reality! Don’t be shy! Come on in and take a look, but please pardon our appearance as we continue to make Shopping Blitz your #1 choice for clothing and lifestyle products!

Shopping Blitz Uses Real Models for New Photo Campaign

Capezio Group Shot2

Recently Shopping Blitz partnered with dance students from a local dance studio, Dance Impressions, for a photo shoot showcasing real girls wearing Capezio products. The point of the campaign was to showcase real dancers in products we sell, rather than professional models. Not only does it make it easier to shop when you get a more realistic idea of what a product will look like but we also think it’s important to feature the dancers behind the gear.

Solo Shot

Victoria Vergel shows off her perfect posture.
Photo courtesy of Jeremy Gordon.

The dancers, ages ranging from 12-17, brought a sense of professionalism and maturity to the shoot far exceeding our expectations. These girls dance almost every day and we got a behind the scenes look at what it really takes to compete. It takes commitment and long days. When most kids are home goofing off, these girls have had to learn how to balance school work and dance obligations. Their mothers were also an inspiration to us. Dance Moms know what support truly means, spending hours upon hours transporting their daughters to and from practice and competitions. Suffice it to say we are humbled and proud to showcase these girls on our website.