Cool Job Series: The Bike Messenger

Introducing our new #CoolJob series. A monthly focus on the faces behind the jobs we admire most. Kicking off the series are the modern pony express, a fearless and determined breed, the #bikemessenger gets the job done. While the modern messenger has traded in their horses for two-wheeled transportation, the adrenaline junkie of old still delivers rain or shine. Gear is key when weaving in and out of traffic and dodging speeding taxis. Brands like Timbuk2 design and sell custom and ready-made bags and accessories they have been tested and approved, so they can be worn with confidence.


Slate Backpack



The Slate pack is an everyday carry with large zipper access and roomy compartments big enough to store all of your gear.

Smaller stash pockets can hold an iPad or up to a 15″ MacBook Pro. Retails for $89.






Especial Vuelo Backpack




Light and weatherproof, the Vuelo combines technical fabrics and superior seam construction for a reliable go-to pack.

Designed for long hours on a bike, the Vueleo features ultra-supportive shoulder straps and a ventilated back panel for added comfort. TimBuk2 Lifetime Warranty. Retails for $149.





Timbuk2 Jones Backpack



Travel in style with the slim efficiency of the Showdown backpack. Made of rugged ballistic nylon. A Swing Around compartment protects up to a 15” laptop.

The exterior front panel features three roomy zippered pockets, perfect for a life on the go. Retails for $79.



Get Closer to Your Beach Body the Shopping Blitz Way

Summer is a hop, skip and a jump away – are you all set for the bikini season or still scrambling to beach-proof your body in less than thirty days like the rest of us? If the latter refers to you, don’t despair! We have all you need to get moving and grooving!

Get Closer to Your Beach Body the Shopping Blitz Way!

Get Closer to Your Beach Body the Shopping Blitz Way!

Check With Your MD
Well, we don’t exactly carry doctors on our website, but we highly recommend that you see one anyways – you wouldn’t believe how many people end up in emergency rooms with avoidable injuries. Get the OK from your physician and make sure there aren’t any pre-existing conditions, such as asthma or high-blood pressure, that need to be addressed before you begin any exercise program.

Get In Gear
Workout gear, that is. Brands like Under Armour – with their Signature Moisture Transport System – keeps you comfortable and dry by wicking away sweat as you perspire during workouts. Make sure to get an ample amount of  tees and shorts as well as comfortable sneakers –  you want to avoid the “I don’t have anything to wear” excuse at all costs! If you plan on exercising in the daytime, don’t forget the sunscreen and some shades to protect your eyes as well. For those working out at night, we carry reflective apparel and footwear  to keep you safe and visible after hours.

Monitor Your Heart Rate
I wasn’t too fond of doing this myself at first, but it is important. According to medical professionals, closely tracking your heart rate during exercise can help you derive more from your workouts.  You heart rate tells you how fast you should be moving, when it’s time to slow down, and how in (or out) of shape you truly are. Luckily, brands like Soleus make water resistant HRM watches that can do the leg work for you.

Get Lost
No, please come back! I mean get lost in whatever it is you are doing to fine tune your bod.  Find an exercise routine that you love (or at least don’t hate) and make it fun! Blast your favorite tunes while doing workout videos at home or load up the iPod for gym sessions. Grab a buddy if you don’t want to do it alone, or join an online support group with like-minded individuals to track your progress and get encouragement. Stay at your own pace, keep a smile on your face and make this your best summer yet!