Product Spotlight: Dr. Martens Brooklee Boots

Dr MartnsWell it’s official nothing beats holiday stress like baby shoes, especially when they are Dr. Martens flowered combat boots.

These beauties are perfect for the mom and baby that are anything but traditional. Who wouldn’t swoon to see a toddler strutting their stuff in a pair of Docs, like they own the place? Because if oohs and aahs are any judge, their pretty much do. A piece of free gift giving advice? People have enough stuff. They have rooms and shelves collecting dust full of stuff they don’t know what to do with but are to kind to throw away. Why not break the mold this year and get them memories instead. Sure one day the little loves of your choice will grow out of the shoes you painstakingly chose for them. But you know what will never expire? Smiles, laughter and even a moment’s respite from the stress of the season. So go against the norm with a brand that knows no other way.


Lose the Stress and Start Your Holiday Shopping Early

Nightmares of Malls Danced In Their Heads

I don’t know about you but every December, around the two week mark I start to majorly stress out. Once again I find myself desperate to get all my holiday shopping done in mere weeks. I scour the malls and boutiques looking for the ‘perfect’ gifts to shower my loved ones. However, the joy of giving is almost always obliterated with feelings of maniacal frenzy. What better way to kill the spirit of the season than elbowing fellow shoppers and cutting off old ladies in the parking lot? The thought makes anyone want to skip the holidays altogether.


Taking Back The Holidays

This year I am calling it quits and taking back my favorite season. I refuse to step foot into one more mall and plan to have all my shopping done by mid-month. How will I achieve this mythical feat you may ask? Why online shopping of course! Online shopping is widely becoming the mode of choice when it comes to season. With the emergence of events like Cyber Monday, the eCommerce marketplace has begun to take its rightful place at the top of the retail food chain. Beyond the obvious convenience factor, online deals are often far more economical than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. An afternoon online, especially on a Lifestyle-centered site like ShoppingBlitz, can destroy a checklist like no other!


My personal dream is a latte in hand and my shopping done with the click of a mouse. I invite you to join me in my mission to bring peace back into the season. Let’s do ourselves a favor and lose the stress.  Maybe our revolution will inspire others to discover even more ways to add joy to the art of giving, after all isn’t that what it’s all about ?

5824de61f1ac2735de115794cc96a2e2Countdown To The Holidays!