A Manly Guide to Flawless Skin

mens-skin-care-productsWelcome to the modern age, where shows like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy have ushered in a new era. One where men now see the benefits of manicures, tanning, grooming and skin care products. A successful industry has grown around this new trend. Products geared toward men have increased in popularity and mass over the last decade. Once relegated to the demographic of ‘metrosexuals,’ today men of all kinds are embracing the concept of beautification. The way we look at it there is no excuse in today’s society for men to suffer from razor burn, dry skin or blackheads. For your convenience we have gathered our favorites together, brands like Lab Series, Miracle Skin Transformer, ZIRH and GlamGlow to show you how uncomplicated great skin can be.

michael-buble-300x400Created as a backstage answer to flawless, glowing skin, GlamGlow was once known as a women’s only product. However, thanks to celebrities like Michael Bublé, the product is experiencing more of a gender-bending fan base than ever before. Take a look at this video to see how and why it works so well.  This 10-minute facial is perfect for getting ready for a night on the town or before your next big event. Bonus: it’s small enough to be inconspicuous. No need to advertise all your secrets!

According to The Wall Street Journal,  “BB Creams are a men’s beauty movement waiting to happen.” The folks at Lab Series couldn’t agree more, their BB Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 35 is an all-in-one moisturizer, toner, sunscreen and skin protector. One-stop shop products like these are essential for the modern man. Who wants to have a lot of clutter and useless products taking up precious bathroom real estate? Instead find a product that cuts out the middle man and saves  you time.

zirh.marcoDoes Monday morning always come too soon? Do you often wake up hung-over or at least looking like you did? Then ZIRH products are for you. Their Restore Herbal Eye Cream contains cool ingredients like caffeine extract that help to stimulate circulation underneath the eyes, reducing dark circles and making you look years younger. Let’s be real, the kick of being carded is a gender neutral thrill! Other ingredients like cucumber, calendula and chamomile extracts work to reduce puffiness from excess salt, alcohol and allergies.

miracle-skin-transformer-men-spf20-1Unfortunately problems like aging, sun damage and blemishes are not just a female problem. Men suffer from these trials too and now they can cover them up as well! Miracle Skin Transformer, the brain child of Sarah McNamara, offers the perfect solution for men everywhere. Miracle Skin Transformer Men SPF20 is a one-step application product specifically designed to improve skin’s texture and pore size. This bad boy helps to turn problem areas into smooth works of art, while minimizing the appearance of fine lines. Best part is that the cream is invisible to the naked eye and leaves skin feeling natural and softer than you left it. So need to worry about giveaways like streaks or breakage lines. Look amazing naturally and make the ladies swoon. Talk about man’s real best friend.

Mother’s Day Special: The Woman Behind the Mom

With Mother’s Day fastly approaching (May 12), it’s time to show the women in your life some love and  appreciation. Show them how much you care by getting gifts they would choose for themselves.
Mom’s, Grandma’s, Step Mom’s, Aunts, caregivers, etc. are women first and foremost.

So buy for the unique woman behind the Mom.

Mother's Day

1. Lole St Denis Jacket  2. Kenneth Cole Reaction Ballet Flats  3. Gianna Rose Atelier Pinecone & Acorn Soaps
4.  Soft Style Cristina Pumps  5. Carve Phoebe Polarised Signature Sunglasses
6. Fusion Beauty LipFusion InFatuation Lip 7. GLAMGLOW Tingling and Exfoliating Mud Mask

Celebrating Mom’s Individual Style

Moms with StyleFor over a year I have been working alongside two working moms. The experience has taught me that there is no one mom style. Moms come in so many different packages and each with their own fashion preferences. Some still rock the stilettos, not letting anything get in the way of them and high-fashion. Others prefer flats and clothes that can be thrown on and off; in the case of spit, throw up and any other gems their kids might throw at them. Still otDown With Mom Jeanshers are into a sporty and athletic style, for a quick trip to the gym in between pick-ups and drop-offs.
One of the few commonalities is that Moms want to look good just like everyone else.

At Shopping Blitz we have a saying around the office, ‘Down with Mom Jeans.’ We hate them that much. Non-flattering and with zero creativity, mom jeans are an ongoing joke and an insult to women everywhere. Mom’s are first and foremost women. In-touch styles, figure flattering cuts and silhouettes and the wow-factor still matter to them, maybe even more so than the single girl. Because they know what they want and have little patience for anything else. In that light, we SB style gurus dedicate this collection to fashionable Mom’s everywhere!

Featuring: Lole, Soft Style, Glam Glow, Fusion Beauty, Carve, Gianna Rose Atelier, Kenneth Cole Reaction