4 More Brands Are Available at Shopping Blitz

At Shopping Blitz, you can shop the best clothes, shoes and accessories online from over 400 of the world’s best brands. We are excited to announce that we are adding four more brands to our inventory: DC, Scosche, Kelly Moore Bag, and Granite Gear.  Read on to learn more about these wonderful brands!



Since the brand’s founding in 1994, DC has quickly become a world-recognized action sports brand and leader in performance skateboarding shoes. Over the years, DC has expanded its product line to include skateboarding and lifestyle shoes, snowboard boots, apparel, outerwear and accessories for men, women and children. DC also has a first-class team of skateboarding, snowboarding and motocross athletes that embody the DC brand and develop and promote their own signature DC products. Click here to shop DC shoes and apparel.



Founded in 1980, Scosche Industries is an award-winning innovator of consumer electronics and car audio installation hardware. Taking inspiration in the local lifestyle, culture, music and people, the brand’s engineers and designers create innovative products that reflect a rich heritage in audio. Click here to shop audio and electronics from Scosche.

Kelly Moore Bag


Kelly Moore Bag brings you great handbags that are just functional as they are fashionable. With over 11 styles to choose from, in over 50 colors, Kelly Moore Bag has the perfect bag for everyone. Whether you’re a mother, student, professional photographer or fashionista, Kelly Moore Bag has a bag that will complement your lifestyle and make your life a little more organized. Shop Kelly Moore Bag here.

Granite Gear


Whether you’re an avid hiker or first-time camper, Granite Gear offers the innovative outdoor products you need to tackle the trails. With a product line that ranges from stuff sacks to ultralight bags to ultra-durable packs, Granite Gear offers backpacks for any type of adventure and will stand the test of time. Browse granite gear backpacks here.

Visit us online at ShoppingBlitz.com to shop all of these great brands!

Caution: Shopping Blitz Showroom is UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

We’ve decided it’s time for change. Renovations to improve your shopping experience are underway at our showroom store in Union, NJ! Here’s a sneak-peek at what’s in store:

Better Layout. More space and less clutter is our goal and so far, it’s looking good! Wall space is being properly utilized to make items easily accessible while allowing breathing room as you walk around.

Photo 1

More Brands! We still have the classics – our Life is good tees and Columbia jackets are still in full display, but soon you’ll be able to shop our New Balance wall and Dakine backpack section as well! Furthermore, our sales department is working feverishly to bring in the greatest brands out there. Be on the lookout for the latest brands added to also be displayed in our showroom!

Dance Section. Calling all dancers, gymnasts, and cheerleaders! We’re soon to become your go-to place for dance and activewear products! With the recent launching of brands Body Wrappers  and Motionwear – and let’s not forget our pioneer Capezio in the forefront, we’re stocking our show room with more options than ever before! Leotards, tights, and dance shoes will be on display soon for customers that wish to see the products before they buy.

Photo 2

A special “Thank You” to our fellow SB staff, Jill & Bern for turning our vision into a reality! Don’t be shy! Come on in and take a look, but please pardon our appearance as we continue to make Shopping Blitz your #1 choice for clothing and lifestyle products!

New Brands Spotlight

We have added several new brands to our collection and we can’t wait to fill you in on all the details! Everything from women’s hand-crafted sandals and bags, to travel hammocks and quick-dry performance underwear are available for purchase. Shopping Blitz has always prided ourselves on being a modern twist on the general stores of old, offering a variety of goods in an easy one-stop shop format. Our latest additions help to cement our goal of becoming the ultimate lifestyle destination.


Sakroots is an accessories line that embodies the bohemian in all of us. Every purchase of one of their unique handbags or shoes directly supports local artists and their communities. Looking through their collection is like a visit to a gallery, colorful, innovative and always fresh. A brand rich in heritage and texture, Sakroots adds more than just style to your wardrobe, it invokes a lifestyle. Shop Sakroots today and double your karma quotient!


The Sak is a collection of hand-crafted bags and footwear that bring to mind the casual, California lifestyle many of us crave. Interwoven into their fabulous collections are a sense of peace, harmony and freedom. Like Sakroots, The Sak believes in giving back to their community. The company operates within a culture of mutual trust and ownership. A bag from The Sak will designate you from the pack and give your conscience something to smile about.


Grand Trunk offers a line of travel hammocks that brings to mind tropical locales and a sense of adventure. Created by two entrepreneurs who met while backpacking in Thailand, the company remains true to selling time-tested products good for the road. From seaside to mountaintop, Grand Trunk hammocks give travelers a sense of home. Invoke your inner explorer and take home a piece of the world today!


In our pursuit of health and the perfect body we often forget the importance of base layers. Performance underwear can make the difference between an incredible workout and one that peters out before it even begins. AYG 365 is a collection of technologically-advanced underwear featuring quick-dry performance fabrics. Every product is made to wick away moisture while boasting anti-microbial properties, keeping you both dry and healthy. Give your body the gift of endurance and it will thank you later.