Shopping Blitz Donates Shoes To A Worthy Cause

We all have used and last season shoes and clothing sitting in our closets taking up space. Instead of praying for more room or forcing bags onto unsuspecting friends, we have a better solution. Every few months the employees at Shopping Blitz and their friends, do a much needed closet purge for a good cause. There a plenty of places to donate or even sell your used goods but we endorse Soles4Souls for so many reasons.

S4S Donation

First of all Soles4Souls is a non-profit dedicated to fighting poverty all over the world, through the distribution of used clothing and shoes. They distribute the donations in two ways. Most new items collected from corporations and retailers are given directly to people in need, in the U.S. and around the globe. The second is they offer used goods for sale to micro-enterprises who use the profits to support low-income economies. So whether you are donating new or used goods, people who really need it are benefiting. Sounds a lot better than letting your old favorites collect dust doesn’t it?


A Charitable State of Mind

Worthy causes and note-worthy people have continuously made themselves known this week and so as Friday bleeds into the weekend we find ourselves in a charitable state of mind. We are excited enough to share our favorites. Please bear with us as we take a break from fashion and focus instead on the beauty of mankind.


Soles4Souls Barefoot4Them Campaign

Our partners over at Soles4Souls (S4S) never cease to amaze us with their magnanimous generosity. However, it is there #Barefoot4Them campaign that has truly touched a cord. On 10/10/13,  S4S asks that we all go barefoot in support of children all over the world who have experienced the challenges of inadequate footwear. Each pledge you make to spend some of your day barefoot, will donate a $1 to the cause. I personally was affected by the child I was asked to represent. Samuel, a 21-year-old young man from Uganda. Samuel went from being homeless to starting a non-profit to save other children from the same fate. See Peace Island Children’s Center for more information.

“It is so bad to live in Uganda without shoes because we have many water borne diseases mostly when it rains. You can’t fail to get these diseases when you walk barefooted. We are very much blessed because of Soles4Souls. I really can’t tell you how happy we are and whenever we wear the shoes you sent we always get a big smile. They are not only shoes but hope smile givers.”

Please join us on 10/10 in submitting photos of your naked piggies for change. Follow our submissions on Facebook and Twitter.

One Billion Rising

Another project that is dear to our hearts is the OneBillionRising campaign. According to the organization, one in three women around the world will be raped or beaten in her lifetime. This equals out to one billion women, a staggering figure! In its second year of existence, OneBillionRising asks everyone to join them on Valentines Day 2014 to dance and shed light on the widespread violence against women. The campaign was started by Eve Ensler, an American writer, performer and activist, best known for her play The Vagina Monologues. In 1998 Ensler created V-Day, a global movement to end violence against women. V-Day raises money and awareness through annual benefit productions of The Vagina Monologues. In 2012, the V-Day movement and Ensler began One Billion Rising, a protest campaign to promote justice and gender equality.

One Billion Rising

“Imagine one billion women releasing their stories, dancing and speaking out at the places where they need justice, where they need an end to violence against women and girls. Rise. Release.Dance!”