Romantic Spring: Starring the Bass Eloise Saddle Oxford


It’s that time of year again. When the light returns, birds begin to chirp, flowers began to sprout and we fashionistas begin a different kind of spring cleaning, in our closet. Ever since we sprang ahead I have been itching to pack away my winter wear and prepare for my favorite season. Not only is it a season of rebirth and renewal for Mother Nature, it is time to revamp old wardrobes and find inspiration for a new look. I don’t know about you but I am tired of bundling up!

I want to wear pretty, girly things that have no other function than to make me smile. Enter the Bass Eloise Saddle Oxford and her glorious self. As soon as I saw this stunner came across our showroom floor I was sold. All of a sudden I was bombarded with visions of twirly skirts, twinkling lights and warm breezes. Romantic spring nights with my honey on rooftop bars, garden parties, ballrooms, you name it. This shoe could take us anywhere.

The perfect shoe need not have any other purpose in your life than to fulfill a fantasy, make you feel beautiful and take you places you would otherwise never go. Create an outfit around the perfect shoe and than let it lead the way.

The Price We Pay: One Woman’s Journey to Find the Perfect Rain Boots

As returns season is upon us it gets me thinking about all the shoes in my closest I’d love to replace. Some were gifts, some choices from an outdated past, damaged pairs and ones that never made sense in the first place. I look at the rain boots under my desk, long-faded from its cute white, pink and purple plaid glory days. They were cheap and have lived-up to the price. Sometimes, unfortunately cheaper doesn’t mean better. Sometimes we need to make an investment in quality. We need to ask ourselves, do I want these for a day, a season, or a lifetime? And then figure out monetarily what we are willing to pay for our choice.

Crocs WelliesMy used and abused golashes have had me perking up at each new brand’s offerings. Crocs Bridle Wellie Rain Boots have been catching my eye the most lately. Designed like a classic riding boot, these waterproof beauties have a cushioned footbed and Crocs proven comfort. Plaid overlay gives the boot an air of respectability and class. That’s a lot to be said for a rain boot and at $66 its an incredible bargain!

Dirty Laundry Rain BootsIf we are going off cuteness factor alone than my mind wanders to Dirty Laundry Rodwell Waterproof Boots. A mid-calf boot whose bold colors and rounded design will add a splash of color to the gloomiest of days. Checking out at $45 they are worth more than a second look. I am partial to the Fushia/Orange, as well as the Green/Navy. Pairs like these make me wish for storm clouds!

And because we should never let the weather slow down our chic, let me present Henry Ferrera Neon Bootsthe Henry Ferrera Neon Boot. Sleek, with a faux crocodile finish, these are the kind of boots that make the statement for you. If I bought these I would call them by City boots. A pair I could use to dress up even an old pair of jeans. Something about heading into Manhattan makes me want to put my best foot forward. Comfort is also key for walking those long city blocks. At $40 you can afford a tough rain jacket to go with it!

Ahnu Laguna BootsMy thinking outside box choice is the Ahnu Laguna Boot. Waterproof patent leathers with easy on/off medical zipper. Contains a U-shaped heel stabilizer for optimum comfort and balance. Its seam-sealed construction keeps water out and heat in! At $160 its a commitment but with this kind of construction they are boots that will grow with you.

My mind is still unmade as I love them all but I hope my ramblings have made the point that fashion need not find its true worth on a price tag. The best finds are often found in the unlikeliest of places! Now go splash in some puddles for me!