A Sweet Farewell to the Summer Hiking Season, with Danner

Say a sweet farewell to the Summertime hiking season with these inspiring photos from Dottie Bond at Danner Blog captured while hiking on the coast of Maine. Then click here to get free shipping on your next order of Danner boots at ShoppingBlitz!

Travel photographer, Dottie Bond, takes us on a 5-day tour of Maine. What do you think of when you think of Maine? I have always thought of lobster rolls and sailboats, coastal fog and thick-bearded lumbermen and the spruce-firs that line the Appalachian Trail as it snakes towards its northern terminus at Katahdin. My visits to the state over the years have confirmed this impression: Maine is a Vacationland par excellence.
So when the opportunity to spend a few days exploring coastal Maine arose, I jumped at it. After attending a wedding in Camden with my friend, Kate, and my dog, Romulus, we headed northeast along the coast to Acadia National Park where we began our 5-day odyssey. We slept at the Seawall Campground on the southwest corner of Mount Desert Island—known as the “quiet side” of Acadia—right down the road from the famous Bass Harbor Lighthouse. There were wild blueberries and vistas of rocky outcrops galore. We stood atop Cadillac Mountain and lunched at Jordan Pond House alongside families beset with squealing kids who cried out for popovers and blueberry crisps. Each day we watched the sun rise and set from a new vantage point along the Atlantic—Bass Harbor, Schooner Head, Thunder Hole. When we were not welcoming the day or biding it farewell, we lazed around Bar Harbor enjoying slow, idle hours sipping coffee while basking under the midday sun. This was summer done right.  ..

Source: Sweet Summertime on the Coast of Maine — Danner – Blog

4 Great Travel Apps to Help You Plan Your Next Vacation


Today, people can turn to their mobile device for almost anything. From shopping to reading the news to tracking your workout, nowadays there’s an app for everything – even traveling. In fact, when it comes to planning and booking a vacation, an app can be your best friend. There are tons of travel apps out there designed to make planning a vacation and finding the best deals that much easier. To help you plan your next vacation with ease, here are some of our favorite travel apps at Shopping Blitz, the top place to shop for clothes online.


If you want to skip the tourist attractions and head to the local scene, then Localeur is the app for you.  Localeur is a community of locals who want to help travelers experience the best places to eat, drink and play. Right now the advice is limited to 14 major U.S. cities, but if you’re traveling to one of its featured destinations it’s definitely worth taking advantage of. Each local has a photo and profile that explains who they are and what their interests are. There are lists about essentially everything, from “My Favorite Brooklyn Dance Floors” to “Miami’s Awesomely Authentic Tanqueria’s”.


TripIt lets you be your own travel agent and organize every single detail of your trip, from car rentals to lodging accommodations to restaurants. TripIt caters to every kind of traveler and enables you to have all your travel details in one place. You can create a custom itinerary on your own or forward the email confirmations of your flight, train tickets, rental car and lodging to plans@tripit.com and they’ll create the itinerary for you.


TripAdvisor is the world’s largest online travel platform, where millions of travelers from around the world rate hotels, restaurants, bars and attractions on a 5-star ranking system. With these travelers’ rankings, TripAdvisor has created curated lists of the best attractions in every city. On TripAdvisor, you can also search over 200 sites to find and book the best hotel prices and flights.


Airbnb helps you rent unique accommodations from local hosts in over 190 counties. Airbnb has over 1 million listings, with rental options ranging from castles, yurts and watchtowers to apartments, rooms and sofas. The app provides travel accommodations for every budget.


Summer Beach Essentials


Heading to the beach this summer? A great beach trip involves fun and sun, as well as a little preparation. Before you embark on a tropical beach vacation or take a day trip, make sure you are packing these must-have beach essentials.

Aloe Up Pro Ultra Sport SPF 50 Lotion 4 oz


While you may want a bronze summer tan, too much sun exposure can be disastrous for your skin. Excessive UV exposure ages the skin and increases your risk of cancer, which is why a good sunscreen is so essential. The Aloe Up Pro Ultra Sport SPF 50 Lotion is an SPF 50 sunscreen containing 35% by volume per Aloe Vera Gel, which allows the product to penetrate your skin and breathe without leaving greasy residence. It’s water and sweat resistant and provides full UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Protection. Retails for $13.95.

Grand Trunk Parasheet Single Beach Blanket

beach blanket

The Grand Trunk Parasheet Single Beach Blanket was designed with beachgoers in mind. Unlike an ordinary blanket that allows sand and dirt to get ground into their fabric and tends to smell mildewy when wet, the Parasheet is made from super-durable parachute nylon, allowing it to remain tidy and funk-free. Parachute nylon fabric is extremely lightweight, quick drying and resistant to mildew. Retails for $24.99.

Grand Trunk Sun & Beach Shelter


The Grand Trunk Sun & Beach Shelter is designed to protect you and your family from UV rays while at the beach. The removable PU-coated floor provides a clean, smooth spot to sit. But, if you’d rather sit directly on the sand, you can just fold up the floor and set it aside. This beach tent also includes an overhead mesh gear loft to keep smaller items organized, as well as the ground stakes essential for pitching. Retails for $99.99.

Buff Sport Series Water 2 Gloves


If your beach trips involve water sports, then the Buff Sport Series Water 2 Gloves are a must-have item. The gloves naturally contour to your hands and protect them from sunburn, blisters, cuts and other on-the-water hazards. These gloves provide UPF 50+ for ultimate UV protection. Their stretchy, breathable fabric keeps your hands cooler and drier than wearing no gloves at all, and the unique grip and half finger length mean you can keep them on all day long. Retails for $28.93.

Columbia Thundercone Backpack


Need somewhere to pack and organize all your beach essentials? Choose the Columbia Thundercone Backpack. The Thundercone features Omni-Shield advanced repellency, dual water pockets, a sternum strap with rescue whistle, a foam padded back for support and comfort, and an internal organizer and tablet organizer. This lightweight and durable backpack provides ample room for storage, as well as serious comfort and support. Retails $69.00.

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Shopping Blitz Travelogue Series: The Importance of Packing

As a part of the ShoppingBlitz.com marketing team I am a sucker for planning, especially when it comes to travel. The amazing experiences you receive from visiting a place you have never been is unparalleled. Being prepared for such an adventure can make the experience a once in a lifetime event. On a recent trip to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico I was once again reminded of the importance of packing.

packing list

The first step in any successful trip is intelligent packing. Lists, lists and more lists is the key.

1.  Break down all your anticipated activities into categories and make a list for each.
2. Pack more underwear then you think you will need!
3. If you are going somewhere warm, always pack more than one bathing suit.
4. Think about accessories in terms of outfits, both day and night.
5. Figure out what items you can’t survive without and what you might need in an emergency.
6. Don’t forget to check the weather, research the location and read as many traveler reviews as you can stand!


The correct luggage is also key.  The bags you choose could mean the difference between misery or ease and heaven knows you don’t need added stress at the airport! Backpacks, cross body purses and a carry-on roller are ideal. As you rush to make your flight or attempt to stow away your bags on the plane, you need light and easy to maneuver pieces. It’s also smart to pack an extra bag for souvenirs or dirty clothes for the trip back. Bonus points if you have a matching set of luggage with numerous compartments!

ladies essentials

Above all go into the experience with an open mind. Life happens despite our best plans and its good to be ready for all the ups and downs. Never forget to pack your sense of adventure and playfulness. This is vacation after all and what better time to step out of your comfort zone and try something entirely new! Luckily for you, ShoppingBlitz.com has all your travel needs in one place. Whew! One less thing to check off that list.



Finding Bliss in The Heat of Summer

As the dog days of summer leave us all feeling sweaty, cranky and sleepy the Shopping Blitz team is on the hunt for rest and relaxation. Sure we have visions of tropical locales and white sand beaches but unfortunately for now those remain just daydreams. Fortunately though there are plenty of ways to relax without breaking the bank or hopping a flight. One of the easiest and most satisfying ways is the ultimate vacation darling, the hammock. Hammocks have long been associated with summer and days of leisure. Just set one up in the yard, blend up a few frozen drinks and get your bliss on.


One of our newest brands Grand Trunk understand the needs of weekend warrior better than anyone. The brand has been making quality hammocks and travel accessories for over ten years. They design their products for people who classify themselves as travelers rather than tourists. We all have that sense of adventure, often hidden behind mundane responsibilities, but its always there lurking and waiting. So allow your sense of adventure to see the light of day and create a staycation you will never forget! What better way to start than on July 22nd, National Hammock Day!?







Shopping Blitz: Travelogue 2013

Seems like everyone is trying to fit in last minute vacations lately. September is known for mild weather and cheaper prices and therefore our favorite time of year to travel! Vacation time is precious, especially for those of us in North America who try to dissolve a year’s worth of stress in one jam-packed week or extended weekend. The key to having a killer time is planning, planning, and more planning! Planning the perfect destination, excursions, budget and of course the all important packing list. Let us help with this last bit. With Shopping Blitz’s wide range of products it is your perfect one-stop shop for all things travel. Check out a few real-life ensembles our Staffers chose for their late summer/early fall jaunts! Travelogue 2013

Day At The Lake:
Sanuk Yoga Serenity Flip-Flops

Hiking Trip:
Columbia Trail Turner Shell Jacket
Salomon X Over Ltr Sneakers
Ahnu Montara Boots

Night On The Town:
Earthies Veria Too Sandals
Oscar Blandi Hair Lift Thickening Strengthening Serum
Miracle Skin Transformer Heal Everything Balm

Our Hats Off To You

Hats Off To You

Shopping Blitz is introducing several new hat brands, from classic to resort, dress, vintage, street style and fashion. We have something for everyone from brands you can trust.  Stetson, the originators of the classic rancher hat, break tradition with their Bandera Silk Cashmere Cap. A flat cap with a newsboy shape, this gem is perfect for a trip to an upscale pub with your mates!

The fedora has a long, storied history attached, none more so than the ultimate style icon of the era, Frank Sinatra. In his image, the Sinatra line features headwear any gentleman would be proud to display.

Dust off your top hat and tails! The Scala Classico Wool Felt Top Hat is just the bees knees! Looking for that something extra on your wedding day? Go no further. Nothing says class like a well-crafted top hat.

Women no pouting, we have plenty for you! Whether you are looking for the perfect beach hat or head wear for your next garden party, look no further than the Etsis Day Escape Hat. Need the perfect hat versatile enough for the vacation of your dreams? Try the Scala Collezione Big Brim Ribbon Pool Hat, ure to make you feel and look like a million bucks!

Looking for something a little more Boho? What Sinatra did for the fedora, Carlos Santana does for the Boho floppy. With a leather braid brim and seamless design this hat screams effortless cool.

For the vintage lovers and hat aficionados we offer up the classic Felt Pill Box Hat with rhinestones and black netting. Also known as a ‘Church Hat,’ this beauty is appropriate for any special occasion where making a statement is of the utmost importance. Looking to make an entrance and leave an impression? The Felt Hatanator Hat was designed for flair! This wool felt beauty has a feather and rhinestone ornamented trim. Perfect for the races, a night on the town or anytime one needs to express their inner diva.

Product Spotlight: Teva Cozumel Beaded Flip Flop Sandals

I won’t lie when things get quiet around here at Shopping Blitz headquarters I often find myself daydreaming. My swivel chair morphs into a hammock and the concrete floor becomes the softest, whitest sand
I have ever seeTeva Cozumel Beaded Flip Flop Sandalsn. My coworker’s snores become the sound of waves crashing and my cubicle dissolves into miles of pristine blue water. And like that I am on vacation! Nothing gets me in the mood for my mini retreats like promoting some of my favorite summer gear.

I recently stumbled across Teva‘s new Cozumel Beaded Flip Flop Sandals while browsing our new product selections. What drew me immediately was the unique design and flow. From the waterproof leather uppers to the Mush midsoles promising comfort no matter where the warm weather takes you. These sandals invoke for me not only lazy days at the beach but adventure, road trips, letting loose and letting go. In the words of the ultimate adventurer Jack Kerouac, Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.” 

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvj-TgxQbpA&w=560&h=315]

Recipe To Chill: Get Outside and Live

Recipe To Chill: Get Outside and Live

Take a little time this season to get outside and breathe some fresh air. Turn the cell phone off and get off the grid. We have the perfect recipe for chill: mix equal parts of the great outdoors, the best-rated gear, your best buds and more than a sprinkle of your favorite libations. Go Live.

Featuring: Salomon, Mountain Hardwear, Merrell, Patagonia and Sierra Designs