The New Faces of Yoga

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Yoga is continuously changing. Over the last 30 years it has gone from living only on the outskirts of our society, to being immersed into small towns across the country. This change or awakening has spawned countless schools of thought and asana modifications. Yogis can no longer be painted into a corner, they are everywhere and bringing their practices into every aspect of their lives. Today yoga is done on paddle boards, while hiking, prepping for a climb or on a busy city street. These are the new faces of yoga.


Celebrated climber Chris Sharma embraces his inner yogi and explores the importance of balance, from agro to peace.


Nature or hiking yoga connects participants in a deep and visceral way to the earth’s energy. Heather Hollander is the creator of Nature. Yoga. Play., introduced at the 2013 Wanderlust Festival.


Paddleboard yoga has gained a notable following as of late due to its connection with the ocean and demand for balance. This energetic practice carries its benefits far beyond the board. Celebrated waterman, Michael Fukumura shares his personal warm up practice.

Spotlight on Kathryn Budig

UA kathry budigAny true yogi knows that the practice of yoga is more than just another exercise. That the only competition is the one with yourself. A cute butt in designer clothes is nothing compared to the inner peace one can receive from a devoted practice. We get that and we love that brands like Under Armour, Juil and teachers like Kathryn Budig do as well. Get real with your practice and let the real benefits of yoga shine through.

kathryn budig

Instead of a limited definition, yoga is an all-encompassing idea. Far beyond the physical asana, beyond the ego, beyond the business of yoga, lies something a bit more intangible, something mystical. Kathryn Budig knows that to be a teacher of this age-old wisdom is a privilege not a right. Ms. Budig became the face of Under Armour’s Women’s Studio Line in 2012, as well she supports other lines like Juil, that enable her to connect to her practice in a grounding way.