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If you’re reading this currently, then you know that it’s only another month or so to go until we reach spring. This means that a lot of people are shopping for t-shirts and shorts instead of sweaters and pants. Though while the weather may be getting warmer, you shouldn’t forget that the next four or so months will bring the most rain for the bulk of the nation. This means a muddy mess, and that means that you might want to make sure you have a good pair of boots. Shopping Blitz definitely has some quality boots for you around this time of year, for the best prices around.

The Muckster 2 Mid Boots by Muck Boot are really everything women need in a great pair of boots and more. They were made to handle that slushy, sloppy mess you may encounter around this time of year. They’re high-rise boots that protect halfway up the calf, and the neoprene and rubber construction of these boots ensure that they stay 100% waterproof for as long as you wear them. They also feature a 4mm CR flex-foam interior that’s very comfortable, along with a breathable mesh lining. The outsoles also provide a lot of traction, so you won’t be slipping and sliding in the mud.

A great benefit of these boots on Shopping Blitz is that there are all sorts of colors from which you can choose. You have black on black, shadow purple, black and hot pink, rifle green, black and purple, and more colors from which you can choose. Sizing options for these women’s boots run from around 5 through 11.

These are boots that you may find on other sites for around $130, and that would be considered a bargain for something from Muck Boot. With Shopping Blitz, though, you will only pay $101.95 for these boots, and will also get to save even more money because they’re shipped out to you for free.

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